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Bootcamp Butters

January 26, 2017

How’s it going with Butters, you ask? Well, let me tell you about my week so far…

Went to Petsmart for a turf pad. They no longer carry. Back to the paper-shredding pads…

I did see this though, and instantly thought of Butters.


Yes. this a  Poop Emoji Dog bed.  Or, as I saw it, a reminder of Butters.

Yes. this a Poop Emoji Dog bed. or, as I saw it. a reminder of Butters.

And No, I didn’t buy it.

Monday, we had our final lesson with the Dog trainer. WAH! That was like the only hour in a week where I was impressed with Butters. I tried to get her to take her and train her and bring her back….of course, that didn’t happen.    I told her I wasn’t going to sign up for the 2nd course of training until Butters has mastered all of the 1st course. Which so far, she has accomplished, “Sit” and “Watch me”.

I told Ryan and the boys, now that training is over, we are now doing Bootcamp Butters. No more Mr. Nice Guy and no more lovey dovey Maddy. We have to be firm. We have to make her “Sit”, when told to sit. Make her “Stay” when told to stay. And most importantly, make her pee and poop outside!

How’s it going you ask? Well…Yesterday, Hump Day, this happened.




I thought she was sleeping all day…she never barked to go pee. So a few minutes before it was time to pick up the kids from school, I decided to grab her and take her outside to pee before I leave. Won’t make that mistake again.  Bathroom floor was covered in pee. Which meant all her toys and bedding was soaked too..

And yes, I know I said I was not going to bitch at Ryan or Maddy about that dog. But I lost my shit.  I am over this dog. I am failing at the “fake it til you make it” part. I’m betting this is gonna be a long Bootcamp….


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