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Someone’s not happy…..

July 2, 2013

The Sign guy has decided to ditch his “Jesus loves all” campaign, which has been his mantra since he replaced the sign that was shot down by some militant, redneck, atheist terrorists.

Ok, ok, I exaggerate….they weren’t militant, and probably not atheist terrorists either, but judging from this neck of the woods, I am safe to assume the use of redneck is fair. We all have to be careful now that Paula Deen had to go and make a national case out of using profanity…which for those of you who know me, know I have been known to cuss a time or two…

The sign guy started to lose his Christian-loving messages around Memorial Day. I just happened to drive by and saw this sign Memorial Day weekend.

"Memorial Day and Corrupt Leaders do not go togather"

“Memorial Day and Corrupt Leaders do not go togather”

Yes I realize “togather” is misspelled. His grammatical errors drive Ryan crazy.  I tell Ryan, “you’re the numbers guy, I’m the English gal, let me worry about this….and I think he may have run out of the letter “E’s”….Unless he is being crafty and devious and trying to state something that none of us would understand…But that would be crazy right? And he is a little crazy….

But yesterday, my dear cousins came to visit and I just happened to drive by, not on purpose, I swear! When lo and behold, there was a new sign! And it was naughty!  It was crazy! And it’s just the kind of old crazy that I love…. I did a U-turn and told my cousin Kim to “Snap the picture!” She said, “Just pull over and I will get out”,  and I slowed to an almost-stop when that damn dog came running out. I told her, “We can’t stop! He’ll sic the dog on us!” and just as soon as  I said that, the little Chihuahua came running over to bark. So we snapped a pic and then snapped a pic of the other side which was just as loony!

"gay is the new slang for pervision"

“gay is the new slang for pervision”

Reread that sign…Because I thought it read, “gay is the new slang for perversion” but once Ryan called to bitch about it saying “pervision”,  I realized it was another grammatical error….”He ran out of the letters ‘R’ “, I said. But secretly was miffed that I didn’t notice it before Ryan did. I blame on the boys being loud and making fart sounds in the back of the car, which has now become my number 2 pet peeve! My number 1 pet peeve is when they actually fart in the car. I know they are boys but I have ZERO patience for that shit.

Also, look out how tense my grip is on the steering wheel….My hands are at 10 and 2, and clenched like a little old lady driving on the highway.  That damn dog unnerves me.

The other side of the sign says…..

"Perverted leaders must be gay"

“Perverted leaders must be gay”

Obama is gay?!?! and Black!?!?! We have a gay, black, un-American president?!?! What is the world coming to?!?!

I have yet to find an online sign like this to rant on daily and publish, but once I do, watch out. Because this mama isn’t holding back….

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  1. KAREN permalink
    July 2, 2013 9:04 PM



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