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“you calling me fat?!?”

January 23, 2013

I have to say first, the sign guy got a new sign!!!! HIP HIP HOORAY! I wasn’t able to snap a pic because my phone was in the trunk, don’t ask, at least I wasn’t texting and driving…but I will post his new sign tomorrow…

I had to take the boys to the pediatrician today. Cameron was in the hospital this weekend with pneumonia and flu and the boys were due their annual checkup today. The boys are growing and Cameron is getting better, but the pediatrician called me fat! Yep, you read right. And I didn’t even step on the damn scale! And by the way, I’m looking for a new pediatrician….He told me the boys were good, but that Maddy was close to being overweight and judging from me, it runs in the family. I said, “did you just call me fat?!?!” and he said, “no,” and quickly changed the subject. Seriously, I know I put on some holiday pounds but come on. Seriously, COME ON!
I’m going to move on…I’m getting moody just telling you about it.

After the dr’s visit and some retail therapy at Target, I come home and quickly scan through facebook. So, I open facebook and just quickly roll through the feed and comments and seems today was an interesting day amongst fellow facebooker friends and the 6 degrees….I will just post them below and maybe you will find as humorous as I did today. Seems I wasn’t the only one who had a stressful day….and hopefully they won’t mind being quoted….

“Seriously the music teacher at TAFT slapped my little sister…”

“A science teacher threw a potato at my niece a few years back – it wasn’t a good thing…lol”

~~~~~~~~~~~above 3 are linked~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“out prowling …”

“The young piggies are sitting just past Walmart on 412 circle jerking…watch your speeds.”

“Be afraid of the cheese … be very afraid”

“Don’t skip dessert! It’s national Pie Day!”

“you’re fetishes are not my concern”

“Who is cooking dinner I’m hungry!!”

and on that note, I am hungry too…taking my mom out for a steak dinner and maybe some pie….

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