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January 8, 2013


Some damn fool with a gun, who didn’t like our local sign guy, shot down his sign….I’ve been waiting patiently for the last 2 weeks for him to replace it but he has yet to so…I mean, come on!  Where else am I going to get my weekly laughs? Not from Ryan’s sense of humor I can tell you that much…just kidding Ryan… No,not really. 😉

Maddy was not as upset as I was…He actually said, “Finally! Now we don’t have to drive by his house all the time!” making me feel like a stalker…Then he asked me why I liked that sign so much. So I tried to explain to him the best way I could about the freedom of speech and how he was exercising his right to his freedom of speech. And how his weekly postings made my week.  I tried to explain to him that sometimes people don’t like the crazy sign guy’s words, which resulted in his sign being shot down, but that he had the right to put whatever he felt on that sign.

So now Maddy wants us to have our own sign. I told him I didn’t think the neighbors would appreciate it. Then he gave me the same speech about freedom of speech….so I am thinking about it…may not be a sign in the front yard, but I may create an online sign and post it randomly on here.  Just warning you…

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