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July 22, 2012

They posted new rants!  so the other side of the one I posted last week about Jews and Hitler said , “HISTORY DOES REPEAT ITSELF….”

I can only assume they are referring to Obama?? I don’t know though, I don’t speak crazy, therefore, I can’t interpret it. Notice I said, I don’t speak it. I can act it.  But I am not fluent in craziness…

So yesterday, I went to buy me this new red wine I love…I will post pic of bottle so you, too, can drink red wine and think about the crazy sign people..So I’m driving and I pass his house and whip my head really quick when I realize its not the “History does repeat itself” line. Yay! New rant!

So I drive back by after hitting the liquor store, and I park my car at the restaurant on the corner and walk to take a pic. Mind you, he lives one house down from the restaurant on the other side, so this isn’t a big walk for me…and mind you, all his shades are closed on the windows, and the house is gated but somehow,someway,  they saw me taking a picture and the old lady comes out of the garage and starts to yell. So I run back to my car <OK, quickly walked I>, and thankfully,  I was in Ryan’s demo, so they can’t trace it back to me, WHEW! , and  I drive by and finish taking my pics really slow…and she just stares…and maybe tries to make out the licence plate…see that’s crazy..right?  So now we know both of them are crazy….and I know next time there is a new rant, and hopefully it won’t be about me taking pictures, I will be in a different car…and I will have to be more stealth…

side one says :

Vote Kaiser 4 sheriff, be done with Dunn. 2 many expensive lawsuits….

They love to rant about politics…and I have no clue who Kaiser or Dunn are….but I am curious about the lawsuits…are they scandalous and prostitute driven? When I hear Kaiser, I think of Kaiser Soze from that movie, The Usual Suspects. Have you seen that movie?!?! Sooo good!

The other side says:

Some Loved Obama, then he    _____________  you finish the rest…

See?  I was like, what the hell, they left out a word…then I reread and got it…

crazy people. I love them.

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