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July 15, 2012

Let me be the first to say, I was on Pinterest way back before it was the sweeping trend…being the trendsetter I am, I chose to keep that shit secret, until everyone followed suit a year later….So now, I can’t claim brilliance and genius creative ideas, because now everyone has seen it all online already..sigh. Oh well, here is my take on a couple of projects I have done this month…


Pottery Barn was making a killing on this big slab of wood for over $80.00. So I sent Ryan to Lowe’s to buy me the wood. At first, I wrote the measurements down wrong. At least he is good at math, because he shouted, “there’s no way in hell that is going to fit in the SUV” . I shouted back it would, then quickly added, “let me double check those measurements”….After realizing he was right, an 8 ft. wide slab of wood would not fit in his SUV, I told him what he loves to hear. Say it with me…”you are right and I was wrong”…the slab was 1 x 8 x 6…not 1 x 6 x  8…. Live and learn and marry a guy who knows numbers is what I say…Now I told him to make sure and pick out a pretty piece, that wasn’t warped, and some stain and a paint pen. I was going to paint those lines on and stencil the numbers on like the Pinterest pages showed me to do. Ryan, knowing I am a vinyl lettering lover, said, just order it in vinyl! Oh yes he did! The man that said , “NO MORE VINYL LETTERING!” said to order it…mainly because he knew I would mess up and you can’t erase a pen line…So I did, from EBAY! and we love it! I would have taken a pic of the boys standing in front of it but that are currently running through the sprinkler and are banned from walking on the new carpet with wet, dirty feet.  Total spent on growth chart – $25.00. Total time spent staining and applying vinyl lettering  – 10 minutes…  I can almost hear you clapping….thank you, thank you very much..


Now the next one is for me… I am constantly leaving my watch on the kitchen counter…my earrings by the computer…my bracelets by the sink…you get the jist…and when I can’t find them, it’s my fault because as Ryan tells me daily, I need Ginko Biloba for memory loss… I saw my friend had pinned this wall organizer on Pinterest, so I  went to town and bought the goods, and it was done and set up in less than an hour!

I’m thinking 1. I need more earrings….2. I have too many “big” earrings…3. No more pearl necklaces….4. I need more necklaces too….5. I could use some more bling… I won’t tell you what Ryan replied when I said that….

So there’s my version of the Pinterest projects for this month…Next month, I will have to find something new to do!

Next blog is about crazy people…I LOVE me some crazy people…

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  1. Lacey permalink
    July 15, 2012 5:01 PM

    Part of my New Years resolution was to start blogging! I had no idea what I was going to blog about, but then Tyler piped up, “What about taking all your aggression out on the keyboard!?” lets face it.. We all need a bitching blog! You might have just inspired me 🙂


  2. July 16, 2012 1:16 AM

    yay! bitch away, it is so freeing!


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