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Better than before…

May 19, 2012

The entryway is done!!!! And it looks better than before! 

  I even painted the front door Chelsea Grey. I love that yellow and grey look. I am going to replace the sheer sidelight curtains with some that are not sheer…This way I won’t have to crawl like a ninja when someone rings the bell and I don’t want them knowing I am home. Yes I am that person.

Check out the floor. No holes!

Check out the ceiling! No signs whatsoever that a week ago there was a gaping hole and drywall put up.  Terry, the contractor, “joked” that he wanted to be done with the house as much as I wanted him to be done with it…in other words, I was on his last damn nerve…

  And Terry put up those cordless shades, so now the entryway stays cool! Usually by 5:00 pm, its close to 80 degrees and the whole entryway and upstairs are just hot. Friday, upstairs was 75 degrees. Never before happened. I was soooo excited. Yes I am easily pleased these days.

I finished the dining room. I am looking for some blue drapes that JC Penney has been conveniently sold out of for the last 2 months, and a new light fixture, then that room is done and done….

I found this sign/picture at a new store in town called Funky Crow. It was all white. White frame, white  backboard. So I asked if she could stain and paint it and she did! I love it. I antiqued the edges a little with my silver leaf to tie it in with the knobs on the hutch.

  I need to learn how to use a real camera and not my camera on my phone….

ignore all that junk on the table and chairs…

I bought some plate hangers from Hobby Lobby and hung my silver platters on the wall behind the table. I ran out of silver cleaner, as you can see….

And, of course, I had to leave my favorite Gourmet sign on the wall.

Tuesday we get new carpets!!! I can’t wait! Of course, Monday night when Ryan and I are moving all of the downstairs furniture into the garage and kitchen and master bath, I am sure I will be saying a few choice words. But by Tuesday night, all will be well with the world…

Of course, Ryan does not believe in replacing carpet unless you are moving out and seeing as how we don’t plan on selling the house in the next 20 years, it had to be done. Not to mention that when we had the new tile in the kitchen installed, it sat higher than the old tile did and when we tried to stretch the carpet, it tore…

The boys love to go in the backyard and get soaking wet with the hose, flood the sandbox, and then come into the house dripping, dirty,sandy,  and walk all through the house like this til I scream at them to get in the bathroom…

And I shampoo the carpets monthly…those stains won’t come out…

this is when the come running in from the backyard to disturb my peaceful reading or online shopping to tattle….

  I would like to be “Jersey” and lay plastic down where the boys come in at the back door and by the kitchen and dining room but Ryan adamantly refuses….

 I would also like to have a huge party once the carpet is done to celebrate the finishing of the house…but then I would also want people to wear sock booties, which would make Ryan cringe.

And then I would be worried about someone spilling their drinks…. so let’s just clink our glasses from afar… 

I can’t believe it’s almost done! Of course there are little things, like touch-up painting. Repainting all the trim, which I have the stairs and the living room and entry way left to do.  And though that sounds like not a lot, it’s the most trimmed out rooms in the house…Repainting the front door, on the outside…yes, it will all end soon. I keep chanting this. BUT there has been major progress and the progress has been amazing.

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