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May 4, 2012

Everyone has a pair…mine have been hidden in the back of my underwear drawer…because I have been wearing my crazy bitch panties…Do you own a pair of those? I own stock in them….

So I last left you with the house being redone…we were still in limbo….the painter with the cabinets…well long story short, we had to get a second painter….the first painter needed money during the middle of the job…u know the job where I was supposed to get my cabinets back in a week…but a month later he says, “hey,  I need 100.00…”  My bullshit alarm went off, but Ryan at this point just shrugged…he was defeated…I could see it in his sad, green eyes…So I paid the guy 100.00 and woke up the next morning, which was a Friday, put my crazy panties back on and bitched out…It wasn’ t pretty. I sent him a text that said he had 5 days to finish my cabinets or I was finding someone else…He simply replied, “ok”….which drove me even more crazy…and drove me to eat…Monday, I texted him to bring my cabinets back by 5 pm,  and yes, I had my crazy bitch panties on, and it was a good thing I wasn’t there to help him unload the truck…Ryan just unloaded and didn’t look at the cabinets. I think he wanted him out of there before I came out…I go out to the garage to start on the cabinets that he “said” he sanded and primed twice, only to find he did not do anything he said he did…In fact, he made them worse…and my panties were in a bunch. I was beyond pissed…I sent him a text at 10 pm…it wasn’t mean, but it wasn’t nice. I tried to be, um…not bitchy, but I couldn’t..So those crazy panties stayed on for a few days, til Wednesday, on the way home from the grocery store…yes, buying more food…I saw a painter’s van… I called the number on it and asked him to finish the cabinets.  Once he came over and saw them and agreed, I put my big girl panties on. I threw the crazy panties away and decided from here on out, I would be a big girl and deal with it and stop the bitching and moaning and the stress eating because seriously, the big girl panties barely fit at this point…

So for the last week I have been good. I have  been wearing the big girl panties dutifully. And there were moments where I almost put the crazy girl panties back on but I didn’t…I was thisclose…but still, I was good…

Then GUESS WHAT happened today?!?!? The painter delivered the cabinets!  And they are beautiful. They are lovely….I love them. I am being good and patient though…I am letting them sit in the garage all weekend…so they can promptly cure and I wont have to worry about any nicks when I rehang them. Can you believe it? THE CABINETS ARE DONE ! Ryan is beyond relieved and I am feeling like I won big on a scratcher….which I haven’t…but I am thinking of trying my luck and seeing if I win tonight….anyway…here is what has happened in the last week, besides the eating and the frequent bitch sessions…

The entryway is almost done…we now have drywall up…no more moldy studs or insulation showing. Terry even applied the texture to it today. Last week, we went from the door being removed…see below…

  Loved how everyone drove by real slow to look in or walked their damn dogs real slow…Hello people!!!  I see you…I had Maddy’s toy shotgun propped on the stairs so people would think it was real from the road…Blame it on the crazy panties…

  I can’t take a picture to save my ass. The door is not crooked, its straight…but it was in! And we didn’t have to throw our weight against it anymore to lock it. That was a magical moment for us when we realized how you simply shut and turn the lock…magical…

  After all the moldy wood was removed and all the wet wood was dried out over the weekend, the drywall went up.

  Then the scaffolding went up and the “mudding” began… This was a 3 day process, to properly mud, sand and re-mud and blend in with the rest of the walls. I don’t care how long it takes, just as long as it looks like it did before…before the mold… Tuesdays are my day to dust…I haven’t dusted in 2 weeks because they keep sanding and cutting and the dust goes everywhere. So I just gave up on the dusting… Josh fell off the scaffolding and hit his chin on the white finial part of the banister. I felt sooo bad for him. So I make sure Cameron and I lock ourselves in our room when he gets on it from here on out, in case we distract him and make him fall again. Not that it was our fault the first time, but I just wanted to make sure we were not causing him any more distractions.

Today the texture spray was applied!

  Thank god the plastic sheets were up… Though I am pretty sure Terry and Josh hated inhaling it.

  I plan on replacing that light fixture too…but not anytime soon. I can hear Ryan scream as I just typed that…But I hate that fixture!

And then it all fell into place…Home Depot called today, we ordered the carpet and they are scheduling the installation as soon as the carpet arrives, which they guarantee in less than 10 days…which means I could possibly have new carpet within 15 days….can you hear those angels singing? It was a good Friday.

Then the painter called and showed up two hours later with the cabinets…I called Ryan and screamed, “the cabinets are done!”  Poor Ryan, I know….He doesn’t understand my need for this to be done, but you can, right?

Next week, the entry way will be repainted…the floor will be fixed…the cabinets will be up, which means the dining room will be back to normal…the master bath will be done, which means the boys can finally take a bath in the jacuzzi tub again…and then the carpet will be here…Ah….its finally here…the completion…

I have thrown away my crazy panties and promise to here on out where my big girl panties…I feel like I have grown up a little with this process. Or maybe I have simply gotten older…God knows I have gotten wider…

Tomorrow is cinco de mayo! All the more reason to celebrate right?!?! I’ll post pics when the cabinets are up and if I win big on a scratcher, I’ll buy you a margarita too.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    May 4, 2012 8:51 PM

    I love you Bahar! And all your crazy ass panties too!


  2. Carrie permalink
    May 4, 2012 8:52 PM

    Shit. I’m not anonymous….


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