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Finishing touches….

December 7, 2011

Finally, I am posting pics of the mom-cave!  I have had ADD when it comes to projects lately…I started on the mom-cave…then started on our bedroom…then back to the mom-cave… Finally I just decided to focus one room at a time…Mom-cave is done, just has some finishing touches…Like the slipcover for the chaise and chair…I’ll tell you that dilemma later…

So here it is…It went from being boring, dark beige, that I only used to for computer and bill-paying, to my retreat…



Yeah that wall is busy. But I love every part of it…My favorite is the chandelier…It was a score for $50.00! I added the flowers, the bling, the pearls, and I love every part of it…

I wish this new camera that I waited in line for an hour and half at Target on Black Friday for took better pictures…but then again I haven’t read the manual yet…

I love this artist Eva Crawford…I have several of her canvases and pictures…


  This picture originally had the scripture quote, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” but when I saw that frame my favorite song came to mind…So I redid and glued my song lyrics to the frame…

I bought this piece under the tv off of Craigslist for $40.00. I love it!

  It kind of had its own distressing on it, so I just removed the hardware and spray painted them black. I did the same for the cabinets and drawers because after going to 4 different places, I couldn’t find handles that I was in love with, and the ones I did love were outrageously priced…So I spray painted them a satin black…

The long table under the mirror was off of Craigslist too. It was an ugly brown and I paid 30.00 for it, though I still think that was too high…I sanded it and primed and painted it black…the hardware was a bright, shiny gold, so I spray painted it this silver color called Nickel. Hated it, then spray painted it yellow. Hated it. Finally settled on white…not crazy about the white, but seriously, how many times can you spray paint hardware???

I redid the desk, which I will tell you about killed me….It was originally white with the original wood top that was sealed….So I read 100 blogs about how to paint furniture…I sanded…I primed….I painted….and it didn’t work…well it also didn’t work because I didn’t have the patience to wait for each coat to dry…

Patience is not my virtue…so I had to strip the whole fricken thing…(notice I didn’t cuss…I’m working on that!)

see that brown…thats what color it was underneath…

I can assure you, I was cussing when I was scraping this though…So I started over…I primed…let it dry completely, lightly sanded, then painted…And I was so excited because it was actually working…The top looked smooth, looked dry! So I started on the shelves…I wanted to line them with this wallpaper I used in my store…So I stand on the should-be-but-isn’t dry- yet desktop to install the wallpaper….

Oh yes I did….I left footprints….Then I screamed and cussed some more…

So I sanded and repainted….Had to put 7 coats of paint to cover my big ass feet…See I am getting frustrated just blogging about it and it’s making me cuss….I’ll move on, but I will tell you I finally got it covered…no footprints to see, and oddly, this last coat of paint was the very last of the can, and ended up being the smoothest finish out of all the coats I put on it. What did I learn from this?  It took at least 10 coats of black paint to cover that desk and get it to the finish I wanted…I used Benjamin Moore Matte Black. It’s supposed to be the Pottery Barn black they use, and now its discontinued…Bitches. 

I also repainted all the white on the built in….why? Because over the last 7 years that we have lived here, I have yet to be able to match the white they used…So I figured I would just repaint the whole thing, and as crazy as it sounds. I love the new white. I know white is white. BUT there are million whites out there, and I love this one….

See how smooth that black desktop looks! Luck, I tell you. Luck....

I also hid everything under the desk! I bought a shoe shelf and stuck my printer and router and shredder on it. Then I used a basket from the dollar store to hold all my wires up! I’m such a neat freak, huh?

Anyway, I then sealed it with polyurethane. And I let it dry completely! Yes, I deserve a standing ovation for that. It’s now perfect. And I won’t ever have to touch it up….at least I better not ever have to because I am out of that paint…

There are still finishing the slipcover for that damn chaise…I spent over $30.00 in fabric dye to dye it black because once I saw how much the boys were in there, I knew having a white chaise was out of the question….Then after hours and hours of dying the bottom cushion, I couldn’t get the blacks to match…sooo frustrating!!!

I wasn’t about to guess how much it would cost in dye to try to attempt to dye the bottom cover that covers the whole frame of the chaise…so I threw in the towel and gave up…  I decided to just get the chaise slipcovered in black and use this print for the rope trim edges on it as a splash of color.

Now for the other chair…

I bought this chair at auction yesterday! I scored so many great deals there, but I will blog about that next! I am going to try to dye that fabric pink….and if it doesn’t work, then I will attempt to recover…scary thought I know…

But in the end, it’s the little things in the room that make me feel loved….

It’s the box of dried roses that Ryan gave me for our 10 year anniversary…See back in the day, when we were dating, Ryan was notorious for sending me roses. We’re talking dozens and dozens…One year for my birthday he sent me 5 dozen red roses…The local flower girls loved him. And I used to save them but then I got rid of them once they were all dusty….So he bought me this box and the card inside made me cry…He’s such a good hubby.

Then there’s the pink vase that my friend Carrie bought for me for my store. I put it with the milkglass pedestal bowl that I had searched weeks for at local antique stores. I used it in my store as well. I love seeing those every day.

Then there’s the picture of our house that Maddy drew when he was 5. I loved it then and framed it, and I put in on the shelf so I could see every day. I love how he drew our house and house number and drew the heart above it. He wrote all of our names except for Cameron’s because he didn’t know how to spell it, so he just put “C”.

There’s the lamp my friend, Allison, found for me at the antique store in Dallas. It was originally a sage green, so I repainted it black and added more bling and a lamp shade….The lamp shade was too white, to plain, though, so I wrote my favorite e.e. cummings poem on it. Now it is perfect.

And of course, seeing my favorite faces in the world….


Oh yes, I have my mom cave…and though I thought I could keep the boys out, they love that room. They pile on the chaise and watch spongebob…they play on the floor, and the computer… and yes, they still bring those damn toy guns…

Next blog will be all the goods I bought at the auction yesterday!

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  1. December 7, 2011 10:24 PM

    Bahar, this is lovely. It’s so hard for me to pick one part that is my favorite but I think it’s the lampshade; second best is the beautiful desktop, with the paint covering all the cuss words.



  2. December 8, 2011 5:43 AM

    I just want to know why fricking Ryan’s face is in there and not mine. Pfffft.


    IT”S PERFECT. Like I knew it would be. I love ever single detail. All so you. So so so you. I wish I could come over and sit in your new (to be pink) chair while you conk out on the chaise and we could drink Sangria and eat Chicken Parm and watch American Horror Story on your tv. Oh that would be the best. I’m going to get a full size cutout of me to stand in the corner. (Take that, Ryan!)



  3. Anonymous permalink
    December 8, 2011 8:25 AM

    I am so in love. I want to come LIVE in the mom cave and do all the things Ann says, minus the Horror Story on tv. I would rather watch sappy love movies that the boys hate bc they dont understand them. Lets just have all the boys live in our house and me, you and Lise move into your house and turn the whole thing into a girl cave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. December 8, 2011 8:04 PM

    carrie, deal! BUT you have to watch horror stories with me…its the only way…just ask Ann…


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