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Oh Halloween….

November 3, 2011

Thank the Lord Halloween is over. For weeks, all I have heard is “ghost!”, “ghost house!” “ghost, boo!!!!”, and “ghost movie!”

I’ve accepted the costumes, accepted the odd fascination with Cameron’s love for anything ghostly, or scary or eerie…

And first thing Tuesday morning, I went outside and took down all the Halloween decorations and put them in the Halloween tote.

But later today, they were all out again…So I boxed them up again and then put them up on the top shelf in the garage…Let’s hope this 4-year-old isn’t smart enough to look up.

But I keep telling myself to remember his joy and love for Halloween. I went to the school’s Halloween parties.

First, Cameron’s pre-pre-k class had a little party. Check out these pics…

First they have to parade out in the hallway…good luck keeping them in a straight line…enter Cameron…out of line… and the first of the nosepickers…

See the nosepicker above in red?  Well turns out there are more nosepickers in pre-k…

hee hee, I love this.

and then another….

nosepicker 3!

Ok, ok, I’ll stop…but I just love it!
Then Cameron’s teacher made him get in line…look at that face.

That's not a happy Captain America...

Then he just did what he always does, which is break out into character and rush towards me, arms in air and yell, “Captain America!” which sounds more like, “Capin Americuck”….


Then we went into his class and I sat and watched him nibble on Halloween snacks and then we played, ok I played,  Halloween bingo. Cameron is not a bingo player, I have discovered…
Later, we went back to the school for Maddy’s Halloween party…. The kiddos got to parade outside.
There was an Ipod…crafty and original!
And an Indian…feather not dot….
And then a football player…I was a little upset that he wasn’t a Cowboy…
and who knew, Elvis was alive!

check out his strut!

Then Elvis left the building….sorry couldn’t help myself…

check out that creepy golf ball costume in the background though...

and of course there was Bumblebee! which of course Cameron screamed, “Hey! Me Bumblebee too!”  Yeah, he still talks like a caveman…Hasn’t mastered the use of  “I” yet….
 Check out the girl behind Bumblebee, she’s working it pageant style with the wave and the walk.
 And sadly, for some unknown reason, Maddy’s class didn’t get to walk. They ran out of time because it was party time, so I got a quick pick of him walking into the building…
Next was Maddy’s classroom party…Cameron scored and stole Maddy’s cupcake….

mmmm, looks good cameron....Maddy wouldn't know though, since you ate it....

Oh yeah, that’s my coke. oops. ignore that.
Next we got a class pic, which Cameron crashed as well… Cameron just assumes it always about him…wonder where he gets that from…

oddly, there was a ghostly image that appeared right where cameron it a ghost? nah, I think my fingers were dirty with candy and cracker grease and I accidentally touched the lens...

Maddy was a gangster by the way. He couldn’t bring his big cigar, which made him mad, or his gun, which also made him mad, and so a lot of adults thought he was a pimp….So a pimp/gangster and Captain America…Maddy always has the different costume…

cameron struck his pose!

But I love this pic. Look at those cheeks!
And finally, Halloween is over! Cam’s costume wearing days are not over though….
Today, Cameron was a tattoo’d, ghostbuster, ghost guy…that’s what he called himself…He loves that fake tattoo sleeve and oddly looks a little manly with it on…

check out that tattoo sleeve...

Whew! more costume days, I’m sure. He fell asleep with Maddy’s gangster hat on tonight…who knows what he will wear that with tomorrow…
Happy Halloween 2012!
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