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It’s movie time!!!!

November 3, 2011

Oh my goodness, it has been forever since I have sat down to watch a movie, but I have watched quite a few since my last review, so be prepared to get a short, tiny, to the point review of each movie…

On a side note, I am desperately trying to get someone to go watch Paranormal Activity 3 with  me, but Ryan keeps chickening out, and no one else here I know loves horror as much as I do. So I may have to wait and watch it on video, or I will be a loner and go by myself and watch it, though deep down, I am a little too chicken for that…It would definitely have to be daylight out. I could totally see Ryan hiding out in my car and scaring the holy hell out of me and me either stroking out there in the parking lot or peeing my pants and crying. Yeah, I will just wait til it comes out on video…



So I watched Trust….Let’s just say I walked away from that movie THANKING GOD I didn’t have a daughter. Ugh it scared me. This movie is about a creepy, sexual predator who lures a girl on the internet to meet him at the mall. He at first tells her he is a senior in high school. I believe she is a freshman…Then, he confesses to being in college. By this point, she is crushing on him, so the college age doesn’t necessarily scare her away but does alarm her. Then he sends her a fake pic and she forgets about his age….Later, he tells her he is out of college and again, she gets upset, but by this time, she is brainwashed. She believes he loves her despite the fact that they haven’t met yet. And when she goes to meet him at the mall, she finds him to be her father’s age. My heart broke and I screamed at the tv at the same time. It was awful to see how he had manipulated her and it scared me to think of all the girls out there who have or are in this predicament. Clive Owen is in this movie and he plays the distressed, anguished, rageful father well. It’s a good movie for those of you with daughters but it will scarethe living crap out of you and make you want to snoop through their computer…



I watched Bad Teacher. It was ok. I was Very Disappointed in Justin Timberlake’s roll. Come on now…for those of you who have seen the movie,you will know of what I am blogging about when I tell you its the  scene between him and Cameron in the hotel that disappoints me so…for those of you who haven’t seen the movie, beware of that scene. I love me some JT… And deep down, I’m  still wishing him and Britney would get back together…but this movie was ok. But you know me, I love me a good horror or really warped movie…which this was not…



I watched Horrible Bosses. Now this made me laugh. I love me some Jason Bateman, but sadly, I feel like he has the same character in every movie…But this movie made me laugh, it was enjoyable for this drama lovin mama. Rent it!



I watched Water for Elephants…Let me  just say I am so happy I didn’t read the book because the movie kind of sucked for me. It was ok but nah, not really….I couldn’t get into it and it’s not because of the midget, I promise. It was just ok…Was really expecting to be swept off my feet , falling in love with this Twilight movie star, but I didn’t….I heard from some the book was hard to get into, and others loved it…I have a feeling the movie have the same effect…



I watched Trespass with Nicole Kidman and Nicolas Cage..This movie is about home invasion. Let me save you from this movie as well. It was not scary, it was not believable. It was just your average home invasion movie, similar to those on Lifetime, where the family is saved in the end by the police…come on…it would have been more interesting if there was more killing…but there wasn’t…



I watched Crazy, Stupid Love last night…The best thing about this movie is Ryan Gosling. I love him. I don’t know why, but I have a major crush on him. So I watched it for him…This movie was ok. Nothing fabulous, nothing that I walked away thinking or feeling inspired, but I did walk away remembering Ryan’s rock hard abs…and his smooth character in the bar…Rent if you love Ryan Gosling, otherwise you will be mesmerized by Steve Carrell’s nose and how many nose shots there are. It was humorous. Horrible Bosses made me laugh more but Ryan Gosling made me pay attention more…:)



I watched Captain America…Only because of Cameron’s constant role-playing…And it was good! I am totally not a cartoon watcher or a comic book movie person…I just watched Spiderman for the first time about 3 years ago! And I loved Spiderman, and I liked Captain America too! It was a good movie, good storyline. I was impressed. And you know how picky I am!



Ok this is more my type of movie. Depressing, sad, traumatic….Don’t ask me why, I am just drawn to these types of stories….So this movie is about how the parents’ lives were affected when their son committed a mass shooting at his college and then killed himself. It makes you realize what the parents go through, how they are tormented by the press, by the public and by their own memories of what they did or did not do wrong.  Yes, it was a heavy movie, but it was good.



I watched Tree of Life with Brad Pitt and Sean Penn. Ok, I lie, I watched half of it. I could not get into it. It was way too arty for me. Very little dialogue or storylines, just a lot of opera, classical music and space shots…I am sure if I would have stayed with the whole movie, maybe in the end it would have all come together, but I didn’t have the patience to stick with it. I’m gonna tell you to save your money on this one folks….


Now these last two I saved as my favorites…

Yes its horror, yes its scary, and it scared the hell out of Ryan so yes, it’s now one of my favorites here lately. Honestly, its been awhile since I have seen it. It wasn’t the kind of scary movie that makes you pray to dear Jesus that you wont have nightmares, but it was scary enough and that works for me.



And now my favorite. I don’t remember if I blogged about it before, but if I did, and you havent rented it, then good Lord, go rent it!

I will tell you Ryan brought this home and I vaguely remembered the previews and remembered thinking, ugh another political movie that I won’t get…So he watched it first. Then he came in and handed it to me and said, “Watch it, you will love it, and I will even watch  it with you again. ” Ryan hates to watch movies more than once so for him to say that I knew it must be good. But I played hardball and said, “I don’t like movies like that…” and he said, “it’s not what you think, just watch it.”  So I did the next night, and I loved it. I immediately texted Ann and said, ” Get out of bed and rent this at redbox now”…. A week later she did and she loved it too. It is sooo good, the storyline is sooo good. Matt Damon is soooo good. Did I mention this movie is soooo good? Ah, rent it please!



Now, for some tv series talk….

I am in love with American Horror Story on FX. Have you seen it? It has Jessica Lange, and Dylan McDermott in it. I will tell you, I watched the first episode about 2 am, when everyone was sleeping, in bed, with no lights on…The show started and the creepy, scary music started and then I saw this white thing go by my bedroom door out of the corner of my eye and I stopped breathing. I immediately started praying, “Please Lord, let that be Cameron!” and about 5 seconds later and a near bladder explosion later, Cameron walks in. Turns out the creepy music woke him up. I put him back to bed, scared he would get ideas from the show, because he has somehow developed my love of “ghost shows!” which I refuse to let him watch but he begs to watch every day and I am slightly creeped out by it, but I digress. This show gave me nightmares the first night. Gave Ryan nightmares the 3rd episode, so you know this shit is scary if Ryno is complaining. I am hooked though. Please watch it but watch from the beginning….And Jessica Lange is sooo good in this!



I love this show! I eagerly wait til everyone’s asleep as well so I don’t have any disturbances. It’s on ABC and has Madeline Stowe in it.  She always plays the tortured, fornicating wife role. She’s good at it too. Remember CHINA MOON? or Kevin Costner’s movie REVENGE? OOOH that movie was good! so sad, made me bawl like a baby but good!  Odd she now is in a series named the same…



And finally, I am in love with this series. It makes me laugh out loud. It makes me cringe, makes me sick, makes me feel sorry for the guy but most of all makes me laugh. And as Ryan says, “I have no sense of humor”, which is not true, I just don’t find Ryan’s sense of humor funny…but in this case, it works for me, and  Ryan loves it too….Series 1 and 2 are now out on DVD. Please buy it. That’s right, buy it. It’s that freaking funny. But do not watch in front of the kids. He cusses like a mutha….and you all know I have a potty mouth, a bad potty mouth, but I can’t have this show on in front of my kids…. so watch it late at night and laugh your ass off quietly so you don’t wake the kids….Because you will…laugh your ass off.

Next up….Mom cave update pics!!! Yay!!!!

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  1. Annie permalink
    November 4, 2011 5:22 AM

    Just your average home invasion movie??? You are fracking nuts. Adjustment Bureau was amazing. The love. Oh that kind of love just knocks me off my feet. Excellent. AHS scares the living shit out of me, but I watch it on DVR in the afternoon to gain your respect!

    Love you!!!


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