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Accepting the differences…

October 23, 2011

I haven’t blogged in ages.

I know…

It’s because I am obsessed with completing the mom-cave. It’s thisclose to being done! And as much as I want to post progress pictures, I can’t. I want it done. Almost done though!!! And let me tell you….not only has it been costly, its been a bitch. Painting is not my forte….I literally told Ryan, “Next time I say I am going to paint, slap me!”  Now we all know that wouldn’t happen but I need a slap of reality…All I know is a professional painter would have finished that room in one day…Not my 4 days….

And a professional painter wouldn’t have to tape, and re-tape, and touch up, and then re-touch-up, and then shampoo the carpets because there is paint on the carpet, or have to throw away 4 different outfits because they are paint-splattered…Just saying…

And I am not even going to go into how hard it is to paint furniture. I won’t complain again about the prices of distressed pieces, because I now realize that shit is hard to do…and I want to comment so bad on those blogs that say, it was so simple, and it turned out sooo good. Puhlease….I bought the same paint, the same rollers, the same brush, and Followed the directions to the “T”….and guess what, it didn’t turn out…it didn’t look soooo good…but I am way off the subject here.

Tonight I blog about Cameron and Maddox.  It’s so hard not to compare…Maddox was such an easy baby. Such a happy baby! Still is! Maddy wasn’t the silly kid or the kid who would break out in dance at the drop of a hat. He wouldn’t run through the house screaming, “Apple Bottom Jeans….Boots with the fur….” Thanks to the Zookeeper movie.  Maddox was a quick learner…To this day, you tell him one time how to do it and he does it. Cameron is different. You tell him once and he ignores you. You tell him twice and its a joke, and he says, “What did you say?” You say it a third time and he laughs and walks away….The fourth time, you scream it. OK, I scream it and he screams back, “OK MOM!!!” And Ryan and Maddy stifle their giggles and once he is out of the room, Ryan points and says, “That’s you!”

And it is…and a big part of me loves it but at that moment, I don’t…. That’s when I realized how much Maddox is like his daddy. He’s sweet, non-confrontational, easy-going, loving, good!

Halloween is coming up and in our home, everyday is halloween….Cameron wakes up everyday and chooses to be a character….

For example, last week, these are the pics I snapped with my cell, since yes, my camera is still broke, thanks to Cameron…I don’t have to mention that Maddy never broke any camera’s, much less, two…

Cameron is Batman….

 And yes, he wears this out…And he tells all the strangers that he is Batman…no stranger-danger here…

Thanks to the Zookeeper movie, he likes to rap…Apple Bottom Jeans…and in this pic, he was singing it into his microphone…but if you asked him what he was, he was the “Apple jeans guy” who sang, “Apple Bottom Jeans”.


Those glasses kill me…



This day, he was Captain America/Ghost Pirate… Anything with a skull on it is a “ghost!”



For Halloween this year, he wanted to be Captain America…



Maddy wanted to be an Angry Bird, but the costumes are sold out. So he changed his mind and wants to be a gangster. Down to the cigar and can I add, these are almost the same size as the ones Ryan smokes…Seriously…


I want to cut his hair so bad, because Maddy has the fur-cap hair going on right now. But I want to wait til after Halloween so I can slick it back Jersey Shore -style.

So I am coming around to accepting the differences. I am learning that Cameron won’t ever be just like Maddy. And to let him wear whatever costume he wants every morning, even if its 2 or 3 layered upon each other…

So my goal everyday is to take a pic of his “character” that day….Because he is growing and one day he won’t be this silly and I want to remember these little moments…My baby is 4 now! And so if he wants to be a ghostbuster/bumblebee rapper, then ok…I’ll embrace the silliness. I’ll embrace the differences. Just remind me to do this in his teen years…Please!

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