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Care Packages Are The Best Packages….

September 9, 2011

It’s been a long time since I received a care package, but anytime I receive a package, whether it be from Old Navy or Victoria Secret, or Ebay (those being the main packages I receive in the mail) I get all giddy. I love it. Sometimes I forget what I ordered and then when I rip into the package, I am delighted.  But this last month, I received two packages, just out of the blue, from two of my favorite, oldest friends!

The first package I received was from my friend, Brent.  He moved to California and has worked for the Disney family channel for years. I miss his laughter, his margaritas, his music, I miss him! Every year for my birthday he sends me custom CD’s of new music, old music, the best music. When I had the store, he made me several mixed CD’s as well. But they eventually made their way to my car 🙂

But this package was different. He sent me pics for my boys. And that just touched my chubby heart. I loved it, the boys loved it, Ryan loved it and it made our whole week!

Toy Story!


McQueen for Cameron's room!


Mater! our favorite!

When Cars first came out, he got Maddy some huge posters for his room and some other memorabilia. He’s the best!
We are getting these framed and are going to hang them in their rooms. Thanks Brent, you’re the best! I feel awful because I never send him any gifts! Gosh Brent, I’m sorry! But he lives in West Hollywood, he has everything there! What would he want from redneck Missouri??? Maybe some scratchers???
Yesterday, I pulled up just as the UPS man was leaving. I assumed it was either Ryan’s cigars….by the size of the box, or the new drip pan for our propane grill that I somehow torched through….So, I ignored it. I usually hide Ryan’s cigars, and watch as he frantically gets online to track his package, then casually tell him his cigars were delivered after all. This is my favorite thing to do, and it never gets old. But this time, I was too busy unloading the MKX with the pavers I bought from Lowe’s. I’ve been busy this week landscaping! And boy did it wear it me out! So when I told Maddy to grab daddy’s cigars from the steps when we were done, he yelled, “this box says, “Bahar Studdard” on it!”  So I thought, ok, its my grill pan…But as I started to cook dinner, I thought, “Wow that got here fast. I just ordered it yesterday morning, and they said 3 days…” So I walked over to the box and saw it was from my friend, Allison. I was so excited! Why? Because I have been asking Allison to do a lot of things for me lately….
She saw this lamp in an antique store and texted me the pic, and thought it would go great in my mom-cave.
 I didn’t look at my phone til hours later though, so I immediately texted her that I loved it.  She texted me the number to the store to see if they still had it and I bought that baby for $9.00!  I called the store and had them hold it for her to pick up the next day.I’m torn as what color to spray paint it and what kind of lamp shade to buy….give me some ideas…
Then I asked her to make this pillow for me for my chaise lounge I will be buying for the mom-cave…I love it. I must have a little reminder of my Ryan in there.
Then she threw in some custom things she made for me….

Monogrammed zebra apron!I love the ruffles on top and bottom!

Know the bad thing about having the name, “Bahar”? You can never find anything with that name on it…..But I now have a purse and a keychain!

Try and steal my keys...I dare you!

I loved my care packages! Thanks so much! It made my whole month!  Can’t wait to get started on the lamp!
next blog: movies!!! It’s been awhile!
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