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September 2, 2011

A few weeks ago, I saw this quote, “SOMETIMES BEING A BROTHER IS EVEN BETTER THAN BEING A SUPER HERO”.  I loved it because my kids are into this super hero thing. I never have been. I actually watched Batman and Spiderman for the first time in the last few years with Ryan. I have no clue who Captain America is but Cameron is all about it. It’s funny to see how different the boys are. Maddy never got into wearing masks, unless it was Halloween related, but Cameron loves it. So I saw that quote and then a week later I saw a DIY project blog about taking your own picture and turning it  into canvas portrait.

So I tried it…..Now the first one was a hot mess. It took me all day. Why? Because I have no patience, and I think I can fast- forward everything….In this particular project, you can’t. Who knew you had to wait for paint to dry. Sheesh!  So I took this pic of Maddy one day before we were leaving for his baseball game, and Cameron begged every game and every practice to have a chance to play…Now that he is fully potty trained, and soon to be 4, he can! But I snapped this pic and loved it and so when I saw the quote and then saw the canvas blog, I knew that was the pic I wanted to use.

I thought I would try to make it vintage-y….So I used the sepia feature to change the color on it and thought I would distress the edges. Which by the way, distressed me as well. That shit is hard. Only because I didn’t have the common sense to walk away and let it dry. I just kept messing with it. For 6 hours straight. Seriously….I always do it the hard way….I am not in love with it but it works, and when I was finally at my wit’s end and ready to throw it away, Ryan told me to just leave it alone and come to bed. So I did, and the next morning I finished the final coat and decided to keep it.

Then I made another picture with the same pose but made a collage of others to go with it because I found a picture of Maddy wearing a Spiderman costume my mom bought him when he was 3  years old.  It was taken from my phone and so the pic did not have the best quality but it worked. So I used that pic along with the one of  Cameron as Captain America and inserted the text on the picture itself. I wasn’t too thrilled with the poster/picture quality, but I liked it better than the sepia one. I also made sure that  I took my time and did it the” right way” and guess what,  there was no hangups with the canvas transfer…Moral to this story…Follow directions…

 Here is what the collage looks like on the canvas. I decided to hang it in Maddy’s room, since we  redid his room into a sports themed room.  I sanded the edges of the print to distress it a little, and for me that was easier than painting and re-painting, and re-painting again….

I was going to take a pic of his sports themed room since I have been meaning to post that but Cameron has trashed it yet again…   

The distressed sepia picture I hung in the living room. I rearranged and redid one wall, with pics that were in the study, and since I am re-doing the study into a mom-cave, I decided to bring those pictures into the living room. I will tell you I am the worst parent when it comes to taking pictures. I don’t know if it’s because growing up, we didn’t take a lot of pictures or what, but I suck. I have yet to get their pictures done professionally. But I will soon. Hopefully for Christmas. Who knows, maybe I’ll stick my face in the photo as well.

See how dark it is? eh, I’m not a fan but it works with the frames in the living room because that corner of the room has all wood frames…So I moved the table and chair over there to, since they were all dark and woody too…

I thought about turning all the pictures into canvases but then I remembered to do one thing at a time…First thing on the list, Sell all of the store shit so Ryan can have his man-cave back and I can have my mom-cave finally….

By the way, I told my mom I would not blog about it but we all know she never reads my blogs….Last week, she came up and decided to help me re-arrange my living room. I was telling her I was tired of the mirror on the mantle. It’s been up there for about 6 years and I was done with it. So she convinced me to hang another mirror up there. I told her I didn’t think it would fit but sure enough it did. I won’t tell you how I talked her into standing on top of the step-ladder which we placed on top of the fireplace ledge, because I knew with my luck I would fall…. Or how I failed to “spot” her and how SHE fell 4 ft. down and landed on her back with her arms and legs in the air, screaming all the way down.  Or how I have zero reflexes and just stood and watched. I don’t know what happened. I just remember her screams, my sudden need to pee, and my mom hitting the floor and her head hitting the mirror that we just took off the mantle. And I remember Ryan running in from the garage, because he had walked through the living room when I was putting the step stool on the ledge and he mumbled or grumbled something about how he didn’t want to be a part of any of that….So of course I blamed Ryan for my mom’s fall….:)  Thankfully, my mom was smart and prayed to dear Jesus that if she fell she wouldn’t get hurt. And Thank dear Jesus she didn’t. I don’t know how she didn’t because I  was sure she broke her back. You know how you have those thoughts that run a mile a second but you can hear every last one???  That’s what was happening… I thought…

“Omg, she’s falling!”

“OMG, she’s gonna break her leg”

“OMG she’s gonna  break a hip too!!”

“OMG she just landed on her back and she broke her back!”

” She wont be able to work anymore!”

” She’s gonna kill me!”

“Ryan’s gonna kill me!”

“My dad’s gonna kill us both!”

” I gotta go pee!”

“I gotta call 911!”

“OMG she is gonna hit that mirror with her head and its gonna cut her head and face open!”

At which point I lunged and stopped the mirror from falling….Ryan says I cared more about the mirror but that’s not true, that’s how long it took for my reflexes to kick in. I will say it was very slow-motion-like. I just have no clue what I was doing. My mom swears it was me doing the screaming. I don’t think so….I will say though that I must have done something because the next day I could not move. I twisted my back or something. I don’t know if it was from the stress of watching the fall and hearing her scream or if I actually did try to stop her fall and just can’t remember because I was so traumatized by watching her fall….I don’t know but I know now that we will investing in a real ladder…and some real tools, too….

Here is the pic of the new mirror on the mantle.


The purple flowers will  be gone and I will have some fall stuff up there soon….But all that for that traumatizing moment… Let’s just say that mirror will probably be up there for 6 years as well…

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  1. Annie permalink
    September 2, 2011 7:40 PM

    You crack me up. Loving your mom cave to be… And the boys—precious! Love them.

    But your mom IS going to read this and beat your ass. (((hi Edie, you’re soooooo pretty!)



  2. Carrie Vanover permalink
    September 3, 2011 12:33 PM

    I love love love the pics! Everything looks so awesome! You should totally turn your profile pic into a canvas and display it in the mom cave:) is really good-and very reasonably priced!

    Wish I could have been there to help you rearranage:(
    Actually, if we would have been there, we could have had Taylor do all the work while we supervised and drank wedding cake martinis:)
    Lets not wait 6 years to change it~lets do it soon!


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