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Distressed by distressing….

August 26, 2011

Today will be a multi-blog day…why? Because I have so much to tell! And I have so much to do….but oh well…So you all know about my plans for the mom-cave….And yes, the study still looks hoarderish with the hangers and mannequins and store crap. We are now down to 900 hangers! Woo Hoo! I sold the racks and displays, but still there is a bunch left. And yes, I still am buying stuff for the mom-cave…

My mom came into town last weekend. She is a shopper like me. I blame her for my shopping bills…Shitty, I know. So we drove to Springfield, and came home with the back of an Expedition packed! We were “supposed” to go up there for a TV stand she needed. A 60 inch tv stand….Hence us borrowing an Expedition from the dealership….A 60 inch tv stand for the TV she bought off QVC….See how I just throw her under the bus like that? Shitty, huh? Well, I will say the other night, I was bored…So I turned it on QVC…and they were selling 90 inch flat screens! Holy cow! 90 inches! For only $3000.00! The monthly payments were only $250.! Well Ryan somehow woke up and told me change the channel…must have gone into his dream and made him have a nightmare…anyway, back to the road trip…We go to Springfield to get the tv stand that I called and asked them to hold for us, and they sold it. Thanks for holding it, by the way…So we venture over to Arty-Crafty. My Favorite Store when it was here in Joplin…Look at what I bought for the mom-cave…and some for the home…

These are iron sconces...I didn't like the color or the fake crystal bling hanging from them, so I spray painted,. several times, and bought some new bling....will post after pics later.

I also bought this! Doesn’t really go with my decor…but I love it.

I hung it above the study, but it needs something to go with it...maybe an open frame around it?

I also bought these really big, long sconces…Thought they would fit over the mantle, with the big mirror, but they were too long…which lead to us rearranging the living room…which there will pics and a horrifying story to go along with that, so be prepared…it will be in the next blog… I’ll post pics of the sconces then…
I went to Hobby Lobby and bought this….

I know. I know. It's a deer! A little baby deer...I'm going to tell my friend Steph I shot it.

I went around to a few antique stores. Trying to find the perfect pieces for the mom-cave…Didn’t find anything but these 2 candlesticks for 2.00. Score!

I chose to spray paint this one a bright pink...

and this one too!!!

I chose to spray paint this a pale yellow...which didn't work out...probably because I was too lazy to prime it became a bright sunny yellow, then I hated that, and painted it a third yellow, called buttercup.


A few years ago, when I was on some other kind of crafty kick, I bought this silver rub…Its come in handy. I have used it sparingly…because a tiny, tiny, tiny bit goes a long, messy way….

see this…this is too much…

way too much...


this is still too much, but it was the best I could do...

And, here is my candlestick in yellow…before I “distressed” it….drumroll, please…

eh....just kind of plain.

Here is my candlestick in yellow, after I “distressed” it….

I know, I know, I barely distressed it...

My fingernail accidentally chipped a piece off while I using my non-muscular arms to rub and buff that silver rub in…but I figured it was unique…so I kept it and kept telling myself I didn’t need to take it out to the garage and re-spray it…I’ll just turn that side to the wall. 🙂

here is a closer look....u have to look real close....come me, its distressed..

So, of course, I don’t know when to stop…so I distressed the deer head too…not to much, just the edges and tried to get it into the grooves of the horns, but I am going to need an itty-bitty paintbrush to do a better job…

This is a rare, exotic, now extinct deer....

I am going to frame this pretty pink deer in a white frame. Remember the mom-cave is going to be a light, tiffany colored blue, so I think it will good against it!

I like the silver on the pink...

Now for the other candlestick…
I left the off white part out, and painted in hot pink…then when I put the original piece back on, it looked off….too drastic of color change, don’t ya think?
So I painted it the pale yellow that I had bought originally for the other candlestick….but it still didn’t look right…
So I started to scrap it all together, when I thought, well, I will distress it too….so I went to town and distressed it…this one you can really tell and I like it best like this.
Now remember that gold “B” I bought at Hobby Lobby? Well I spray painted it a nickel color….not a fan…So I think I am going to paint it black and frame it with this frame I used in my store….
My walls are going to be filled…Just warning you. But that’s exactly how I want it….
Here are the sconces painted white….now a jewelry maker I am not…I have no needle nose pliers…and attaching those beads with the ones I had previously taken off was a bitch. And, I obviously can’t count, because I have to make yet another trip to Hobby Lobby for more beads..So I will be picking out pliers there too….
And I think I am going to keep this mirror that I had in my store as well. It was originally gold. I bought it from a guy off Craigslist right before the tornado hit. Ironically, his parents had passed away and he was in the process of having a huge garage/estate sale, and I bought the mirror. A few weeks later, the whole house was gone in the tornado. It was gold, and I painted black, but I am thinking of painting it white…I’ll wait til the walls are painted though before I touch it…
See that toy sword in the background? Pretty soon, that room will be toy free….HOOORAY!!!
I also bought this cute little frames from Marshalls in Springfield….I am going to try to find a few more colorful ones to add to the room as well…

Big chunky em!

But besides the big distressed word art pic, my favorite buy of the weekend was this big silver candlestick holder. I bought it at Arty Crafty for 15.00!!! And it’s from Restoration Hardware! I love that store but not their prices! I asked if they had a second one and sadly, they didn’t but that’s ok! I’ll make it work…and it is so heavy, I could knock a burglar out cold with it, you know, in case we get robbed….
Big, chunky candlestick holder….I’m seeing a theme of big and chunky….should I be concerned?

Do you love my finds? I sure do…Told you I could shop! Now, the next blog will be about what happened later that night….

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    August 26, 2011 11:29 PM

    I love it all except the deer thingy…….. Boo !!!!!!
    You can always use the chunky candlestick holder to knock out the burglar who breaks in to try to steal the deer parts. LOL LOL


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