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Moving on, with battle wounds…

July 31, 2011

It’s 9:15 and it’s still 98 degrees outside. Now hours earlier, it was a balmy 103. Now,  add to that sweltering heat, moving….packing my store, loading the truck, sweating like I’ve never sweat before, all the while bitching at my kids to move out-of-the-way, to stay in the cool, air-conditioned truck, and to quit hogging the only fan in the place….Yes, only I would turn the electric off before moving everything out in this God-blessed heat.  I don’t want to hear it…I know… the common sense speech… I had a buyer ask me yesterday if I was sad to see it go. It, being the store… Uh, not in this heat, no….but the boys were running around and Maddy stopped and said, “Yes! I’m sad we won’t be here anymore….” Wah! I was too dehydrated to tear up though. Cameron was upset to see everything being carried out. He kept saying, “what are you doing?” and Maddy kept telling him that we were closing the store and leaving and that they wouldn’t be there anymore and Cameron would say, “Oh man!”  But we have had a fun summer! We go to the pool, to the movies, to the playground..and Cameron and Maddy are playing so well together. They have finally have reached the age where they can be together and play together and not fight and scream at each other as much as they used to in the past.

Now, back to the moving… I will say we are exhausted, worn-out, sore, did I say exhausted? When I say “we”, I mean me and Ryan. We have been spreading it out over the last two weekends. During the week, I would go before it got dark, and would load up the hangers and clean out the drawers and cabinets and lug it all back into the house….I couldn’t didn’t find a storage unit and Ryan didn’t want to put everything in storage because he knows once its in storage, we would never get it out. True. It’s like our attic, which I cleaned up as best as I could, in this heatwave as well. It is the only time you won’t hear me bitch about Ryan putting a window unit in his man-cave. And even though it never got below 86 degrees in there, it was still better than what it would have been without it running. So I cleaned the garage out as best as I could, to make room for all the store stuff.

that would be 21 rolling racks, nesting tables, cash register stand and shelving...all on the non-man-cave side...


I have to say at this moment, I feel like my house looks like those houses you know I hate to watch on tv…You know the show…Hoarders. It’s a mess and as much as I am trying to keep it organized and clean…It still looks….hoarderish…


Hangers, anyone? I have 1463 left. No joke...


And until I get this stuff sold thrown out, my mom-cave is on hold. “BLEEEP!!!!”  That’s me cussing…I’m trying not to cuss anymore. Why, you ask? Because Maddy has been telling me, frequently, I might add,  that I say bad words alot…And then, he told me if I kept it up, he was going to make me start paying him $1.00…He is his father’s son…Plus Cameron is like a little tape recorder right now, and I don’t need him to be cussing out in public.  I would like to uphold my good mama image, you know?

So back to me bitching about moving… Let me first begin by saying Ryan deserves a big clap on the back. Anyone who knows Ryan, knows Ryan hates to move…hates to pack…hates to unpack…So,  I will say I was worried about me having a complete and total psychotic meltdown on his ass in this heatwave. But, subconsciously, he must have felt this wave of anxiousness I “hoarded” because he stepped up and moved and loaded the trucks, day after endless-heat day,  and didn’t complain at all. Now before I go any further, I will say, today, I started to bitch… Started to yell, but before you go taking Ryan’s side, let me just say, I haven’t had a period in, oh 8 months…Remember me thinking I was pregnant at Christmas?!!?  And of all times for the Mirena to fail, it’s in this heatwave. And also! I was so hot, I didn’t want to wear shorts. Which I don’t wear shorts….And I didn’t want to wear crop leggings…So I wore my terry cloth swimsuit cover up. Why? Because it would absorb the sweat like a towel, and was the least amount of clothing I could wear while moving. So when we were loading the nesting tables, I wanted to load them side-ways, he wanted to load them standing up…I was bitching…and then I had to climb up in the hot-ass metal truck in my short terry cover up and help load the damn tables. All the while, bitching….Til Ryan said, “Are you really gonna start?”  Then I thought, “Shit, I better shut up before he starts bitching because then its gonna get ugly….” So, I told him to take the boys home, I would finish up at the store and be leaving soon. So, I vacuum and get start to get woozy from the heat and decide it is time to leave the sauna.  I lock the door and get in my loaded, still- running truck, when I realize I left my cell in the store. BLEEPITY BLEEP BLEEP….That’s what I said…So I get out of the truck and back into my hot store and decide I am gonna wash my sweaty, drippy face off. Then, I realize I had packed all the towels, and I didn’t want to use my terry dress to wipe my face off, so I found a roll of paper towels I had left there the night before, while I was using the box-cutter, razor blade thing,  to clean all the vinyl lettering off the windows…See how dedicated I am to cleaning my unit up? Well, only I wouldn’t think about the razor sitting next to the roll of paper towels, and when I grab the roll, the razor falls off the bookcase and falls on my big toe, but did I flinch, well yes, just a little, but I was so hot and icky, I just wanted to dry off my face as quickly as I could and get back in the truck. So, I lock up and hop in the truck and as I am driving away, I think, “shit, that box-knife hurt my toe.” Then my toe started throbbing and I thought, surely it didn’t break my toe, and I look down and low and behold, my big toe is gushing blood. Ok, ok, it was bleeding. But this shit only happens to me. The chances of that razor falling and landing razor-side down to anyone else is slim but to me, my toes are magnets for these kind of traumas…And, ironically, I was going to wear my skeletoes shoes, but didn’t want to my feet to sweat in them, plus they didn’t go with the terry cloth coverup…So you know what I did next? I call Ryan….yeah, yeah, I am probably going to hell for this…So I call and tell him about leaving the phone in the store and going back in and washing off and the razor falling on my foot and then I say, “I just looked down and my foot is gushing blood! I hit an artery!!!!”

Ryan, with fear and concern in his voice: “SHUT UP!!!”

Me: “OK, not an artery, but there is blood…” I just had to hear the fear and concern and I was all better. I know, I’m awful. Blame it on the PMS.

So this is my battle wound….

it doesn't look nearly as bad as I described, but it had stopped bleeding by the time I got home!



And this is the only band-aids we have…Can you tell we have boys…Which, by the way, are obsessed with army men…This will be Maddy’s second year that we will be doing the “Army man” birthday theme…




But this is not my first battle wound…Yesterday, I was disassembling the steel shelving in the back room of the store, and conveniently forgot that I had placed a glass shelf from the display unit on the top shelf. So when I grabbed the steel shelf it was lying on, the glass came flying off and I immediately used my elbow to block it and push it over my head, I call it my Kahratay move, you know, karate move, but we pronounce it the way I spelled it. Anyway, the glass shelf shattered behind me on the floor into a million big and little pieces…hence the need for me to vacuum today…But I blocked it! And thank God the boys weren’t in the room! Hence me yelling at them to stay in the truck…

Cameron’s battle wounds occurred when we were cleaning out the unit next door to my store. I used that space as an extra storage space for my racks and hangers and christmas decor…Now, years ago, that space was occupied by a hair salon that specialized in wigs.  Well they must have been evicted because when I started to move my stuff into that space for storage, that place was full of stuff. So I just put in the back room. Ryan didn’t know what was mine and what wasn’t and while Ryan was cleaning out that space, I was in my store, cleaning out my space, when all of a sudden Cameron comes running in scared to death, saying something about a ghost head…..Then Ryan comes in to show me the ghost head…


Ghost head!!!

It is creepy, huh? We are keeping it for Halloween. There was two, one white and one black, and we are going to keep them and put them in the planters outside and decorate them with blood. I know, we are creepers too… Now after we got rid of all the clothes and all the table mannequins were undressed, Cameron has now become scared of them as well. I told him the head goes on a different kind of mannequin but he doesn’t get it and now the undressed mannequins remind him of a headless person so it has been a challenge moving these into the house with Cameron around. The mannequins are now on the floor in the “mom-cave” and Cameron has not stepped foot in there since we put them in there. I put the “ghost head” up with the other Halloween decorations because I noticed Maddy liked to threaten Cameron with the “ghost head”. He gets that from me…

I am hoping all this stuff gets sold quickly. When I wanted to sell everything as whole, everyone who was buying was wanting it split up. So last weekend, I finally decided to start splitting everything up and once it was split up, then I got the offers for the whole store. Are you freaking kidding me??!? And they are not interested in what I have left, which is basically everything minus all the clothes and a few mannequins and fixtures. So this is my luck. I have a ” maybe” buyer that we are waiting to hear back from….and until then, my house looks like shit. Those of you who know me, know this will not last long…So I am trying to be patient…Trying to be calm…Trying to avoid having anymore battle wounds….Until then, I am hopeful that I sweat off some major pounds. Hopeful that we will survive the last two truckloads we still have left to get…Oh yes, we are not done. But we are putting it off til Tuesday, because that’s the next day Ryan gets off early.

Whew….I can’t wait for it all to be over and sold! Will I be sad, , yes. Will I miss it? Yes!  But at the same time, I am happy. My boys are happy, not couped up in the back room of the store… We are enjoying summer, and sadly, it’s almost over….School is starting in a few weeks…Maddy is turning 7 next weekend!  And with the house a wreck, I am frantically trying to find another place to have Maddy’s birthday party! Three days after that is our 10 year anniversary! But we have had no time to even think about what to do. The closing and moving and negotiating with everyone regarding the store has consumed our month, and Ryan and I are both so ready to move on. We haven’t had the store since June 1st, and sadly, its been taking up every bit of my time just as I worked it. So I am ready to move on. Anxious to move on…but will be sad not to see my Oscar Wilde quote every day…

Because I really do have the simplest of the tastes...:)



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  1. August 1, 2011 9:16 AM

    Sorry you are sad about it, but moving on to bigger and better, right? I would have helped, I didn’t even know you were moving out. I am a bad bad friend. but I still love ya.


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