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Some goods for the mom-cave….

July 21, 2011
 I’ll post a pic of the study later, its nothing spectacular right now…It currently is a room that the floor is littered with toy swords, foam hammers and a few nerf gun bullets…There is an extra ottoman that I can’t figure out where to put…An extra marble side table that, too, has no home….and an ugly filing drawer thing that currently has our printer on it… Oh and the walls are a dull beige. I mean DULL…

But soon, very soon….

The walls will be a tiffany-blue…I am digging this color the best..

And I went to Hobby Lobby and bought these for the room as well….

Check out my Big B....I am gonna spray paint it a nickel or silver color and frame it with an open frame...

 and I bought this book-tag at a little boutique in OKC…

see how dull that beige wall is….

I  don’t know if it’s the English degree or what, but I am a fan of definitions…This one is in our bedroom…


This one is in the dining room and perhaps, is my favorite…

  I like to pretend I can cook like a gourmet…

This one is in the kitchen…

Ignore the cereal boxes underneath...

I like the definition-art almost as much as I love the vinyl lettering…
Anyway, here are two super cute clocks…one for the wall and one for the built-in that I plan on distressing to give it a shabby chic look…

Ignore the toy gun on the ottoman...see, I told you...soon this room will be toy-free.

I love this little yellow clock…I bought it in OKC too..
It’s currently on a shelf in my bedroom…was too cute to store away.
And then on our trip to the Super Target in OKC, I scored this hot pink birdcage. I’ve seen them in blogs with twinkle lights in them…So I am gonna play around with it.
Can’t wait to start on the room! Will keep the progress updated on the blog because I know you care just as much as I do, right?


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