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Birthday at the hotel motel….

July 15, 2011

Lots to tell, lots of pics…lots of fun!

So after leaving Enid, Monday morning, Ryan and I drive to OKC.  No kids, no more “How much longer???” or “Are we there yet?” or “I gotta poop!!!” Although his face looked just as miserable as he sounded and you know me, I had to take a pic of it!

he looks miserable, i know...but I had to take the pic!

I should back up a day and say that my dad hooked us up with a hotel room in Enid. Otherwise my mom’s house would have been trashed. Maddy learned that the hotel had a pool and this was the greatest thing ever to him. I love that simplicity. He loved the pool. Cameron slept Saturday night with my mom, but Sunday he stayed with us in the hotel. Early Monday, I had calls coming in and even while I worked on the phone and computer, all three of my boys were passed out.
Cameron and his angry bird pillow he got for pooping on the potty chair by himself…He is now fully potty trained. Thank you Jesus!
Maddy, always sleeps with his covered. Used to scare the shit out of me when he was a baby, but he had to have his face covered.

Maddy face down under the pillow.

Ryan was passed out. See how his arm is kind of up in that pic?
Well, I have a really bad habit of getting up to pee and his arm being like that and getting back into bed, or falling back into bed and basically hitting that hand right there where the wrist meets. This leads to Ryan jumping up and screaming like a woman and cussing me out and then rolling over pissed off. You would think after 15 or 20 times, 1. his wrist would be broken.  or 2. he wouldn’t sleep in that position anymore…So when I got up to pee, and I saw them all sleeping like naughty worn out angels, I snapped some pics and tried really hard not to hit his hand…Funny thing, once he felt me get into bed, he jerked his hand up real quick….I may be going to hell for this, but it makes me laugh so hard inside…I know, I know…
So Monday morning, we drop the boys off with my mom or as they call her,” Grandma E!!!!” and we head to OKC…It was good times. We listened to Skid Row and Bon Jovi and sang at the top of our lungs and once we got into town we headed to Western and ate at SNOW PEA!!!!
Snow Pea is this little chinese restaurant off of Western in a strip mall. I am not a chinese food eater. For some reason, Ryan thinks because I grew up on white steamed rice, I should love chinese. I keep telling him it’s not the same…Chinese places don’t make shish kabobs…but back in the day of our living in OKC , pre-kids, he had Snow Pea for lunch and fell in love. Then he talked me into trying it. The only thing we get there is the charcoal lemon chicken. The sign, which I conveniently forgot to take a pic of, says Gourmet Chinese Stir fry. The neighborhood is upper-class, so I guess putting gourmet in front of Chinese works because 10 years later the restaurant is still there.
Now let me tell you about this lemon chicken. Its big pieces of chicken breast pounded a little thin. The marinade looks just like lemon juice and pepper. Then they have this charcoal type grill but I don’t know how because it’s an indoor restaurant…and then they plop that chicken on the grill and you see the flames flare up and then you get all giddy because the goods are gonna be yours to eat!
We always ask for it spicy,which means they give you their homemade chili sauce, think sriracha but much spicier. They put it on the side and you add it to your specified heat. I always forget how hot it is and by the time lunch is over my lips are numb and plump, think Angelina Jolie lips all from hot chiles!  They serve it on paper plates with plastic utensils, so you know they are making bank…I tell the guy as I order that we just got into town from Joplin and his place was the first place we wanted to eat.  He said,” oooh Joplin! your house ok?” We answer yes and Ryan and I exchange a look that says, “Wow,even OKC, tornado central, knows Joplin’s tragedy. ”  I go to the bathroom before lunch is served and come back and just like that Seinfeld episode, the food is on the table. I love that! And five minutes later, my food was gone. I loved it, I couldn’t feel my lips but I loved it. Nice little stroll down memory lane…

Charcoal Lemon Chicken at Snow Pea. SOOOO YUMMY.

By now, its 3:00 which means Hotel check in time! Oh I am so giddy. I can’t wait. Now the Hilton sold out to Crowne Plaza a few years back and I knew they did some remodeling. And I knew it wouldn’t be Hilton-nice, but it was still perfect.

Champagne chilled on ice with chocolate-covered strawberries. I got 3, Ryan got 1.

The bed still was the same headboard as before. How do I remember, because I remember saying years ago,”I love this headboard! I bet I can make one!” and Ryan said this time, “Find someone to make it, I love it too! ” and I said, “Oh I can do it!” and he said, “No, find someone to make it…” Oh ye of little faith…
The bathroom had changed. There used to be a marble  hot tub, and the whole bathroom was marble floors and the hot tub was level with the ground, which meant you had to climb down into it, but I guess they decided to tear that out but it was still nice.
But our favorite part of the room is the private pool…
It’s not too big but its just right for a couple wanting a weekend away from kids and other people’s kids at a hotel. We love this room.
So I unpack, because I am anal like that. I like the clothes to be hung and the shampoo and toothpaste to be  put all out in its designated place.  Then I told Ryan to smile while he blew up my pink floatie….

I don't think that looks much like a smile though...

Then we hopped into the pool and stayed there til my phone started ringing off the hook. Seems KC’s phone system was screwed up and I kept getting all their calls. Had to put the kabash on the champagne. Made me so mad….But I got over it…So Ryan and I got out of the pool and did a little shopping. We went to Super Target. I wanted a different floatie…like the one Carrie had at her house and I googled it and found it at Target.

I love this floatie!

Then we drove through Edmond and OKC and saw all the changes and then we saw Del Rancho. Del Rancho is this old drive-in that makes the best chicken fried steak sandwiches. So we split one for dinner.

The steak sandwich supreme. That's what we got and it was sooo good.

Then we went back to the pool and chilled out. The next day I got up early, we had breakfast in the dining room, pancakes, bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs with cheese. It was perfect! Then more shopping! It was my day, he said, so first place we went to was Hemisphere’s. Hemisphere’s is in the Hobby Lobby family. Its high dollar, and I mean high dollar, bulk furniture and accessories store.  We checked out some chaise lounges for my mom Diva room. That’s what I am gonna call it now. Ryan and I loved this one but I was not a fan of the print….

I like 'em big....

Oh that chaise was so comfy! But I think it only cost $1100.00. Only…ha, right. It doesn’t match what I want to do with the room though…The room is to be painted a Tiffany colored blue. Call me crazy but I don’t think leopard or cheetah print goes with that….But Ryan says it would…This is why I do the decorating and shopping….But I did find this mirror for only $130.00.

Love the silver detailing....

I told him this would look great over our bed…Maybe some vinyl lettering…Because I am still hooked on vinyl lettering….but he said no, he wanted the headboard…I tried to appeal to his cheap side and inform him that this would be cheaper but he didn’t care…I love when Ryan is in this mood because that means shopping has no limits….So we head to Sephora at Penn Square Mall.
Now before I go any further….you all know I don’t think Ryan is funny…Everyone else does but me, but no, I don’t get his humor…but he was crackin some good jokes at the mall.
First stop, Macy’s. I purposely park by the shoe department, because my momma taught me well. I look and look and then there is the sales rack. I am looking in my size section…the 9-10…and Ryan says, “Where’s the big foot section, these are all small.” So I walk over to the Coach table and start looking at the Coach shoes. He changes his tune real quick.
Next stop Sephora. I am asking the lady if there is any botox in a bottle. She tells me I need to stick with a product for 8 months. Then I will see results. Then she points to a bottle that costs $175.00. Ryan asks how many bottles will I need to buy for 8 months and she says, “8” and he says, “Botox is cheaper, book your appointment. ” SCORE!
Then I head over to buy Mascara…this is where Ryan gets funny.

He asks why they are in Sephora when they can only show their face. I tell him they are buying mascara too.

After the damage at Sephora, we go to our pretzel place and get a pretzel. This is what Ryan and I have done since we dated. It was very sweet. Very much a walk down memory lane. Then Ryan started to notice all the people in the mall and started to bitch….”Don’t all these people have jobs…”
Time to go.
 So back to the room and the pool we go. For dinner, we just did take out again. I got Cheesecake Factory, avocado eggrolls, and Ryan got his favorite, On the Border Chicken quesadillas. We didn’t go to any of the restaurants we talked about but it didn’t matter, we got our money’s worth out of the room. It was a great second day and I was sad to check out. I will say once we moved to Joplin, I missed OKC. But after being in OKC for those days and hearing the headlines of the crimes, I was anxious to get home, to hug my boys and to be back in our bed. Joplin may have lost a lot due to the tornado but the safety and the small town friendliness of everyone is just what I want to be around and what I want my boys to be around.
My mom meets us in town Wednesday with the boys. We go to Mathis Brothers to look for more chaise lounges, dont find any….and then off to lunch. We eat at Ted’s. For Oklahoman’s, everyone knows Ted’s. The best mexican restaurant ever. I ate like I was pregnant, which means I didn’t listen to my body when it said, “stop eating” and I just kept eating…I was MISERABLE. So we go to Burlington Coat Factory and walk it off shopping. Then we go to Marketplace and do more shopping and I am in love with everything. I bought lots of cute things…got lots of decorating ideas. Left feeling inspired. Then we said bye to my mom and she gave me my birthday present….THE SHARK NAVIGATOR VACUUM WITH THE SWIVEL HEAD. Yes, I am excited.
Ryan said, “you got her a vacuum?”
 He didn’t get it. This is the vacuum!


 I promised Ryan I wouldn’t do to this vacuum what I did to my other one. This is Ryan’s number one pet peeve…

Not putting the cord up correctly. I am lazy when it comes to this, but in my defense, I vacuum every other day! Thats a lot of work!

So this is how the cord looks a day later. Still holding up to my promise!
So I drove home, made awesome time and reverted back to my anal OCD ass. I unpacked everything, did 3 loads of laundry, put together my vacuum, vacuumed twice downstairs, then cleaned the carpets with the carpet shampooer. By midnight, I was exhausted and I crashed, but I woke to a clean house and to me, that’s the best birthday present ever!
Happy Birthday to me!
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  1. Annie permalink
    July 15, 2011 8:13 AM

    dear sweet jesus, robbie bought a new vacuum, too. i swear, y’all are on some kind of mind meld. you crack me up, har. i swear, those pics are HIlarious!!! love you, but, i have to admit, ryan is hilarious, too. xoxoxoxoxo


  2. Annie permalink
    July 15, 2011 8:14 AM

    oh and our vacuum has a retractable cord. so there’s that.


  3. Anonymous permalink
    July 15, 2011 10:19 AM

    i knew robbie would appreciate my birthday present and the need to check out its neverending suction. i stuck that suction on camerons leg and it scared the shit out of him and i laughed so hard i nearly peed. yes, its the best vacuum ever.


    • Annie permalink
      July 21, 2011 6:06 AM

      YAYA~ that is some funny shit! and yes, robbie drools over your vacuum, but is so excited about retractable cord.


  4. Carrie Vanover permalink
    July 15, 2011 2:51 PM

    Ryno sounded sooo fun! I love how he tagged around with you through the mall and such. And even made a trip to Sephora-he is a brave brave man.
    I’m so glad you had a great weekend together and by the way, if Elise says Ryan is funny, he totally is:)


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