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Hopelessly Devoted to….shopping.

April 22, 2011

It’s been awhile, I know! I have been feeling very un-inspired. I don’t know what it is. Maybe its the spring time allergy/sinus infection that has been plaguing me, or maybe its the bi-polar weather of Missouri where one day is literally 90 and the next is 68.  I already did my spring cleaning and my closet now only holds summer things. And I refuse to dig through totes to find something wintery to wear, especially when the weatherman says the next day will be back in the 80’s. I just need a little inspiration though, something to inspire me into a happier, bubblier mood.  I have found it in moments…but then something happens and POOF!  It’s gone.

Two weeks ago, I took off for Tulsa to meet my friends Carrie V. & Carrie R.  for a day of shopping and eating. I couldn’t wait! I got into Tulsa at 3:30 and we met at Utica Square, which I love and of course, forgot to take pictures of, so you, too, could experience it with me! That Friday was 90 degrees. I even had to break out the summer dress, and the super cute shoes I bought last month. I packed a pair of flip-flops just in case they killed my feet. And boy did they ever. But, for the sake of cute shoes, I suffered through it as long as I could. I walked through Utica Square with them fine. I marvelled at Pottery Barn but not at their prices….I bought myself a much-needed wallet at Coach in the color of Pink, of course. I was thisclose to buying the matching $200.00 purse, and even texted the picture to Ryan, asking, “What do you think? Don’t you love it?” and got no response. None. Zilch. So I took that as a sign that he did not….and settled for the wallet only.

That little pink number is mine!


After Utica Square, we went to Woodland Hills Mall. Here is where the major shopping happened. I parked at the very end, where Macy’s was, so we could walk the whole mall. Upon entering Macy’s, I started to notice my aching feet. Carrie offered to run to the car to get my flip-flops but I was adamant that I could handle it. Well, I could not. I totally wussed out and by the time I made it to Sephora, I was full on bitching and moaning. I even texted Ryan if it would be in poor taste to take them off and walk around barefoot, knowing full well it would be, but needing some reassurance… He was very adamant about not taking the shoes off….So I suffered, but I got some great deals on my favorite brands!

I bought this Laura Mercier secret camouflage kit. I love it! It came with the tinted moisturizer, the foundation primer, two awesome brushes and the setting powder, and a concealer and their secret camouflage! I love it. I love all her stuff.

Then I bought my mascara, Make Up For Ever, Smoky Lash in Extra Black!  I swear by this mascara. Its thick, its dramatic, its dark, just like me. I usually only wear this one and Lancome’s definicils, but I feel this one lasts longer than the Lancome’s, because you don’t have to put on a bunch of coats. You know magazines always say, “two coats of mascara, and your done!” Well, that never applied to me. I am a multi-coat mascara kind of girl….So with Lancome, it takes a lot of coats to achieve my look of perfection that I strive for…But with Make Up For Ever, it literally only takes maybe 3 coats….Its that thick and dark and good! And it lasts a long time! I will tell you that I have bought the waterproof version in the past but it is hell to take it off! So only go with the waterproof if you plan on swimming and maintaining that made up look, though for me it never works…

Then I bought me some Sephora brand goodies, the lip gloss and liner. And then I wandered, ok strutted like a cowgirl who rode a horse a little too long, over to the Givenchy aisle…I fell in love with this blush, but refused to pay $38.00 for it. The kind ladies at Sephora made me a little sample of it to try though! It was sample Friday and literally anything you wanted a sample of, you could get. So I got a sample of the Givenchy blush…love it, but still won’t pay that price… I got a sample of Urban Decay’s Eye Primer in their new color, Sin. I love it too, and my eyeshadow doesn’t budge at all when I wear it. I may be going back for that…

I got a sample of some more anti-wrinkle cream. Yes, I have become my mother’s daughter. I am currently using Genifique and will admit that my frown line is less visible. I am shooting for the botox forehead look. Oh yes, I am!  Though, I haven’t found that miracle cream yet… Ryan keeps trying to dissuade me by saying such things like, “I can’t believe you would put poison into your face” and I retort, “it’s not poison, damn it!” and he says, “It’s botulism!” and then I think quietly to myself, “ooh that word sounds dirty and poisony…” but I like that look where the forehead doesn’t move…Plus, with me being a permanent frowner, I think it would change my looks. Make me look happier and less pissed off. I think Ryan would appreciate that look. The needle makes me a little squeamish… and that swollen, bumpy look afterward scares me a little but I do want that smooth forehead look….Maybe I can talk Ryan into it for my birthday.  I really should go back to school and get into that field…I could have access to all that stuff at the tip of my fingers, plus make bank, plus look younger…But I worry I may be that person who doesn’t know when to stop and next thing you know, I’ll look like Elsa’s mom on Miami Housewives.


Please tell me you have watched that season! I straight up told my mom if she looked like that, putting her on reality tv would not be an option. But I did like her personality….anyway back to Botox….I want it. Back to Sephora, I am “Beauty Insider” which means you get this card and when you check out, they swipe it and you get points…I have been hoarding my points for the perfect sample gift….See, if you have 100 points, you get a sample gift, but if you save and hoard your points, there is a 500 point sample…I hoarded mine til I hit the 500 point mark, and I scored! I got the Smashbox sample kit.

 It came with a full-sized eyeshadow trio, a mini mascara, which I have not tried yet, makeup brushes, eyeshadow primer, and Brown creme eye liner. I was so excited, but my feet quickly put a damper on that. I hobbled over to the perfume aisle where Carrie was trying on bronzers. I took off the shoes and sat in the high chair they sit you in for makeovers…and I sighed a big breath of relief. My feet felt sooo good out of those shoes. And just when I was think, “oh yeah, my feet are good!” Both Carrie’s are ready to go. The look of panic and pain on my face said it all. They tried to convince me to walk to Aeropostale barefoot til I looked out of Sephora and saw huge throngs of people walking.

“No Way!” I said.  Someone would be taking my pic with their phone and blogging about my ass walking barefoot in the mall. Plus Aero wasn’t next door, it was like 6 stores down. Across from Sephora, but far across was Dillards….We were upstairs and I knew the shoe department was downstairs, and I knew I couldn’t make that trek…The Gap was 3 stores down….It was like I was at a fork in the road and was dying of thirst and was ready to die. I kept looking all around for the nearest store that would sell a cheap pair of flip-flops. Where was Old Navy and their $2.50 flip flop when I needed them!?!!?!  So I bucked up and hobbled bowlegged out in the crowd. First store was Hollister. Carrie V. beebopped inside to see if they had any flip-flops. I knew they would be in the $20.00 range and was not happy about it. So me and Carrie R. leaned against the wall and after 3 minutes, I decided that Carrie V. had forgotten about my aching feet and had found herself a cute outfit. Across from Hollister was Fossil but I wasn’t going to pay $50.00 for flip-flops. Next thing I know, Carrie V. comes out and says yes indeed, their flip-flops were $20.00. Pass! So we hobbled into  the Gap. I got a pair of silver-grey flip-flops for $18.00. Not much better, but cute and desperately needed. I wore them to the checkout stand and immediately paid and went back to shopping. I bought the boys some clothes and moved on. Both Carrie’s were in Fredricks of Hollywood but had finished their shopping in there by the time I was done at the Gap. So from there we go to Victoria’s Secret. I am looking at the most perfect shade of nude lipstick and I buy it and am in love. Plus I bought this beachy, coconut scent that reminds me of the beach. Carrie V. was trying on a cherry print bikini which quickly made me feel like a fat ass, so I left her there, alone. I went to Dillards and bought my Juicy Perfume that I had run out of. Got a free gift out of it, too.

Then I was done. I had done enough damage, and it was 9:00, and our reservations at the Cheesecake Factory were at 9:00. So we drove across the parking lot, because the brilliance of putting a Cheesecake Factory in the same parking lot of a shopping mall is sheer genius. I couldn’t wait. I hadn’t eaten all day so I could pig out. But guess what happens when you don’t eat all day. You get full super quick….So I ordered the avocado eggrolls. I can’t tell you much in love with them I am. I convinced Carrie V to order the guacamole and chips in lieu of the spinach dip, so I could eat hers too. And I ate it alright. She also ordered a side of edamame….I passed on that. For dinner I ordered the Chicken Madiera. It was so freakin good but I was so full from the chips and eggrolls and bread that I couldn’t eat more than 3 bites. So from there, we parted ways and I drove home ,with a full belly, a trunk full of packages and was very pleased and grateful to have a girl day.  I can’t remember the last time I had one. But by the time I got home, my voice was gone and I was sick. I caught the germs from the kiddos and Ryan, and two weeks later those bugs are still lingering….

Carrie R on the left, and Carrie V and her boobs and her edamame on the right

MMM, I already ate 2 eggrolls before I remembered to get the pic.


Last week, I travelled back to Oklahoma, this time to my hometown. I had Carrie V’s 30th birthday party to go to and a family reunion that weekend. It has been planned for weeks and in preparation for the party, I decided to get a spray tan…I know, I know. As one friend texted…..”I don’t know if you realize this, but you are already brown….” But I wanted to be that pretty, bronzy brown. And this wasn’t any old spray tan, this was the new Versa Spa Spray Tan!

  I didn’t know that you have to be coordinated for it though. So I go to the salon, and have to watch a video first…First sign that the spray tan may be out of my league for my non-tanning, non- fake-baking ass… The video is a quick tutorial about how you have to stand and pose and how the machine sprays you.  You can YouTube it if you don’t believe me… The total time in the machine itself is about 2 or 3 minutes. You first strip down naked and enter this car wash like cylinder. You press the green button and assume the position…The position being super straight posture, head high so your neck rolls will get sprayed evenly, arms out and bent 90 degrees downward.  Then the spray moves from down to up spraying you with this moisturizer. The blast is cold and by the way there is a red line that you have to be standing on at all times. Not over or behind because it affects the amount that is sprayed on you. So I immediately panic…..Its freezing cold, its spraying and I am trying to stand as still as I can, holding my breath, don’t ask my why, I just did.  And now am swaying back and forth because I can’t keep my balance. By this time the spray has hit my face and I am full-fledged cheeks puffed out, holding my breath, eyes closed and I teeter over the line! Done with the front side, now the machine tells you to turn around, assume the position, this time arms turned 90 degrees up. No wobbling yet!  Then the spray turns on and I panic again…I do better facing this way, probably because I don’t have to worry about my face and neck rolls, but my arms are suddenly tired. Done! Next the dryer comes on, just like the car wash and dries my backside. Done! Turn around, push the button again, and my front side is dried. So I do a quick shake of my arms to loosen them up, since they are now sore… Now comes the hardest part….The actual tanning part… I push the green button and assume the position. This one  is called the “stop sign” position. Oh yes. I know, I didn’t realize there was a position called that either… Your feet face forward, but your right arm is facing a pretend person with your hand up, elbow bent at 90 degrees up, and the other arm bent behind me, elbow bent at 90 degrees down. All the while, standing straight, on the red line, posture perfect, head up, stomach in….Whew. lots of work and I will tell you I fell forward twice and wobbled backwards once. Next! Time to turn around assume the same position, though this time the other hand is up and other arm is down.  I did ok facing away. Turn back around and get dried twice on the front, twice on the back. Last is some other lotion that is applied and you have to do the first position again. Turn and do it again, then back around to dry and back again to dry and then you are done! I step out and look in the mirror and my face is brown! Thank god,  there is baby wipes in there for you to clean up with. I scrub my face. Then my neck because I obviously failed at holding my head high….Then I noticed my face and neck were much lighter than my chest and you could see where that I did not try to blend it in. So I scrub my upper chest and try to make it look even….Basically from my boobs down were bronze. I will say that I loved the color. I chose Medium or 2. I loved that they were honest when they said there was no scent. You know that scent I am talking about when you use self tanning lotion. I don’t know how to describe it but its a funky, unique smell that stays with you all day long.  This did not and it did not rub off on my clothes or sheets. I showered the next morning, because that’s the rules, no showering afterward. And the color was good, but less than a week later its gone. I was lucky and did not have to pay for my Versa Tan, but at $34.00/visit I wouldn’t be happy with how long the results last. So I ordered Beautisol off of HSN. They too swear by the non-odor and from the color of the models on tv when they did their tanning application, I was sold. I should receive it in 5-7 days….

So off to Enid I go. Spray tanned, packed and ready to see everyone! I loved seeing all of my family. The boys loved playing with their new cousins they met. They hunted easter eggs, they played football, Maddy broke the pinata open and also scored the most candy, but also left it all behind.  I don’t know why there was a pinata, there just was…But the boys loved it. I don’t have pics to post because my naughty Cameron broke our second digital camera…make that our second expensive digital Cannon Camera…And my phone died so the only one who got pics was my mom. I’ll have to get them off her phone soon and post.

That night I headed over to the party.  Carrie V’s big 30 birthday party!  I listened to all the songs from Grease being sung by karaoke, or as I called it, Carrie-okie.  I always loved Grease 2, but I won’t lie, I was quietly humming along to Olivia Newton John’s “Hopelessly Devoted to you….”  That song is catchy…I begged for Carrie to do some Beyonce, “Put a Ring on it” or Kanye’s ” Gold Digger”, but she only knew the words to Grease songs.

Carrie R, Shannon - Carrie's lil sis, Rachel - queen of Carrie-okie, and the bday girl, Carrie V


The Carrie-okie champion was Rachel Felber. She sang her little her heart out. Her hubby, Wes, was so proud!

 Carrie’s mother-in-law decorated the whole place with her friend, Carolyn. I told Carrie to remind them that my birthday was July 19th….

Carolyn and Karen - decorators and party extraordinaires, and Carrie and her perfect hubby Taylor

 I watched Carrie squeal, “IM GOING TO COSTA RICA!!!” 150 times.  I was happy for her, for reals. But seriously, made my panera gift card for my birthday look a little shabby. I take that back, I asked for it because that’s what I wanted, and was happy to get it. This year will be better. I am sure of it. Whether it be botox or a weekend getaway….She also got a new set of pink golf clubs. I’m anxious to see her play. I’ll watch from the cart.

Many partied hard that night. I sadly, could not even achieve a buzz. I don’t know if it was the sinus bugs taking it all in, or my mood or what but I gave up trying.

 This guy though, he had such a good time that he fell asleep.

rip van winkle

 Apparently he turns into a sleepyhead pumpkin at midnight and the party ended at 1:30. I made Carrie R. pose next to him though she was too chicken to sit in his lap. HA! 

So my friend turned 30, made me feel old. I’ll be 36 this year.  Yawn….I won’t even go there….I went home and for the next two days hacked and coughed and gagged. Monday night, I drove home and was anxious to see the hubs. 4 days in the big house with no kids or wife makes for a boring weekend. Pretty sure he got cozy in the man-cave though.   His birthday is coming up…He will be 39 years old! What kind of party do you throw for a 39-year-old man? How do you top Costa Rica? I need some ideas….

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  1. CVano permalink
    April 23, 2011 1:04 AM

    Have I told you again just how much I love & miss you??


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