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March 18, 2011

I am gonna leave the best for last here….and begin with the worst….possibly ever…

I’m Still Here…Remember this hyped up movie? Joaquin Phoenix came out and said he was done with acting. Casey Affleck, who directed this movie, whom I love, and am so mad that this movie SUCKED. I mean SUCKED!!! FYI, Joaquin was in my top 5.  TOP 5!  Now he’s not even in the top 10. I guess I don’t understand the method behind the madness. I don’t understand the meaning of the movie. But it sucked. I guess I had Joaquin on this pedestal… But basically it’s a fake documentary about Joaquin trying to become a rapper instead of an actor. Big Joke. But on a high note, Diddy did make an appearance.  Here’s a little info I was not aware of….Casey Affleck is married to Joaquin’s sister!  The movie had no plot or story. Maybe it was lack of hygiene, or his appearance, or the constant scenes of him being an ass, but it quickly changed my attraction to him…Or maybe it was the scene where his assistant gets mad at him and in the middle of the night, stands on his bed, above his face and takes a crap on his face. Yes, it was disgusting. Yes I gagged. It was awful. Save your buck! Please!

Due Date! Fun movie! Is it me or is Robert Downey Jr. getting better with age? Even better looking. Remember when he was the Charlie Sheen of his days???? Rent it, enjoy it, you will laugh!

I finally watched The Hurt Locker. I was on  a Jeremy Renner kick. After The Town, I wanted to watch everything with him in it! Please tell me you have watched The Town by now!   It was such a good movie! The Hurt Locker is a war movie, which is probably why I chose not to watch it when it first came out.  It was hard to watch. Not because it was gory but because my father is Middle Eastern and I can’t imagine his life over there.  I can’t imagine living over there, I can’t imagine the lifestyle, I just can’t imagine…  I was shocked to see what I saw, and I know its “Hollywood” but the premise is the same.  The anger is still the same. The horror is still the same.  I was just awakened a bit more to the stigma of the negativity of being Middle Eastern.  I felt for my dad, for the stigma he carries with him each day at work.  But then again, I question how he still wants to go back, how he wants to retire and move back there, when after 37 years of being in this country, he doesn’t see how different it is.  It’s a completely different world over there. And I don’t understand how Renner, chose to stay in the military, over his family, over his newborn baby, over his marriage. He missed it, he wanted it, he loved it, being a soldier. Granted, he didn’t love that culture but he loved his job over there. And he was the fearless, cocky soldier whom all the others looked up to and wanted to be. But then he had moments of such vulnerability that it was heartbreaking. It was a good movie, not a new release but worth the rent.

I watched I Spit on Your Grave. Oh yes, I did! I will tell you when you first put the movie in, it plays scenes from the original, which scared me to death, and it seemed as if it was in Spanish, or the actors were Spanish? It was very reminiscent of the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre…You could tell it was old, you could tell the acting was bad, but the screams scared me, so I quickly pushed, “Menu” on the remote, because if this was that movie, I wasn’t watching it. Old school horror, you know? Gets me every time.  Instead, I saw a much more American, aka white, actress and knew this was new remake, so I watched. Now this isn’t horror like you think. Its gory as all get out. It’s not even meant for teens! Long story short….Stupid, single, pretty, white girl travels to the middle of redneck nowhere to “finish” her book. Upon entering the town, she pisses off the local bad boy at the gas station in front of his friends. They torment her in her cabin, where there are no neighbors, and brutally gang rape her. Even the sheriff is on it. I will say she was a very good horror actress.  They attempt to kill her, but she commits suicide by jumping off the bridge, or so they think…What she does then is come back for brutal revenge and I mean brutal in every sense.  It’s graphic, it’s the very definition of revenge, it’s horrifying acts of rage. But it won’t give you nightmares. It won’t make you think you hear bumps in the night….It won’t keep you up at night, unless you live in a cabin in the middle of redneck nowhere….I will say its worth the watch. But prepare yourself for the raw acts of perversion and gore.

NOW FOR THE FINALE….I have been counting down the days to watch this movie. And on Tuesday, I rented it. Didn’t get to watch til yesterday, but was well worth the late fees.

Hereafter. Stars Matt Damon and Jay Mohr. Directed by Clint Eastwood. Now I will be the first to tell you I have not watched any of Eastwood’s western movies. I watched him in Gran Torino, and Bridges over Madison County, and Million Dollar Baby, but I have to think he is much better at directing than acting. I’ve seen all of his films he has directed and he has a way of making the audience connect with the movie and feel. So I knew this was going to be an emotional movie, but not to the extent that I felt. Brief synopsis… The movie focuses on three people, Matt Damon, former psychic, now blue-collar factory worker, a French Journalist who has a near death experience and sees the “light”  and begins to question what truly lies, hereafter, and writes a book about her experience,  and a London boy, he couldn’t have been more than 11 years old, and his story will break your heart.  Matt Damon is a psychic. He can speak to the dead, and had a successful career doing it, had books out, did media over it, but emotionally he couldn’t handle it. So he stopped and took a factory job, making $2000 a month, and refusing to acknowledge or recognize the gift he has. His brother, Jay Mohr, is relentless in his attempt to get him to realize that his mission in life should be to help people and to recognize how lucky he is to have that.  The  story broke my heart. I cried. I bawled. My left false eyelash fell off in the flood of tears I cried. They broke my heart. And in the end, all three of their individual stories/lives collide into each other.  This is what movies should do. They should make you feel. They should make you believe. They should make you laugh, make you cry, make you weep, make you angry, make you hopeful. Eastwood succeeded in all of these things. Rent it and cry or weep, but rent it.

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