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First comes the grilled pizza….

March 18, 2011

The weather has changed! We have gone from a hail storm that left 2 inches of hail and temps in the 30’s to high 70’s and 80 degrees in the same week. I can’t explain the sinus confusion my body is going through. One day, no sinus headache, or drainage and I can talk! The next day, my voice breaks after every other sentence and I have drainage from hell and a pounding headache to go along with it. So I started to fret…I hardly ever, ok never, use that word, but that’s precisely what I am using because warm weather to me = pool = swimsuit = my fat ass is no way ready for this.  So I am still doing the Jillian Michaels’  DVD. Applause? Anyone? Ok not everyday but I am trying to do it or semi do it, 3 times a week. The jumping jacks kill me. I am my 6-year-old son. I don’t know how to do jumping  jacks in place, and I have no rhythm so I am all over that room. I start up close to the tv, so I won’t hit the ceiling fan, and a few jumps later, I am in the back of the room. I take two steps forward and continue my jumping and I am now on the side of the room by the bathroom door. So I have skipped over these…Plus Cameron loves to hide his hot wheel cars under the carpet in the room, for whatever reason, and I inevitably have to be the one to jump right on top of it. Moving forward….Hot weather means grilling out, which means, better food for dinner, and by better, I mean healthier and yummier. So I decided to go for it this year. I have talked about grilling pizza for years now, but have been too chicken to do it. So I recipe search all day and decide I don’t have time to make the dough and let it rise and grill before American Idol comes on, so I use the can Pillsbury pizza dough that was on sale at the grocery store last week. I have never in my life had 4 cans of pizza dough in the fridge. But the special was 4 for $5.00, so I couldn’t pass it up. I later realize why the dough was on sale….Each can I opened had that split down the middle, so you have to patch it up once rolled out. I hate that. And I always, always, always get that can. This time I got 4 of them.

So I started off with roasted garlic. Thought having a roasted garlic/olive oil base sounded better than just olive oil…and it was!

Cut garlic top off and drizzle with olive oil.

wrap in foil and bake at 350 degrees 45 minutes to an hour. Should be able to squeeze the garlic right out of the casings.



Thirty minutes later, out of the oven and the kitchen smelled great. Meanwhile, I chopped my veggies up for toppings. I chose red onion, tomatoes, basil and red peppers, and of course cheese. You can’t forget the cheese…. 


For the boys, pepperoni. Boring.

The recipe I found said to roll out the dough on the back of an oiled cookie sheet…Which worked out great because the back of cookie sheet was way cleaner and prettier than the top. And this is where I cussed like a mad mutha because each can I opened had the broken, torn dough. So I cut the dough in half where it was already torn and just made two pizzas out of one crust… Still had to try to mend the tear but I figure it gives it a rustic look? Maybe not…

see the crappy dough in the can in the background?

Now here’s the hard part. I am telling you this in case you decide to make grilled pizza….Because for some reason some recipe writers don’t want to tell the whole truth…Be prepared. The grill needs to be at 350 degrees outside. So for me that was leaving the grill on the lowest setting….with the lid closed. Next be sure your kids are occupied because you won’t have time to stop what you are doing and yell at them to knock it off or get in the house…..Next, and this is important….Bring everything outside. EVERYTHING. Toppings, olive oil, brush for brushing on olive oil – this one did me in, salt, pepper, tongs, another baking sheet, cheese, and I think that’s it….
Carefully fold the dough over so it’s in half, this is supposed to allow you to handle it better when putting it on the grill. I know homemade dough feels different, so next time this will be easy. But Pillsbury dough is quite thin. Can’t complain, it was cheap, but I wasn’t prepared for the thinness. Place on grill and close lid and DO NOT MOVE. I burnt the first batch by yelling at Cameron to quit climbing the fence, and for Maddy to clean up the toys in the backyard…. Recipe said 3 minutes per side, but it was more like a minute and a half per side. So lay the dough on the grill, wait a minute and a half and the flip over, and then as fast as you can, brush with olive oil roasted garlic mix, add the toppings and the cheese and the red pepper flakes and close the lid for about 45 seconds.  The second pizza I had a handle on the time and flipped it over but then ran like a mad woman back and forth in the house to get all the toppings and stuff!  Third pizza was a charm!

By this time the bottom side of the crust is now brown and all you have to do is transfer it to the other cookie sheet and then put it under the broiler so you can have that melted well done cheese pizza look. I love that look…. You just have to time it just right when to take off the grill because once you put it under the broiler, you get the dark edges like I did…That may not be your cup of tea, but my family is used to me burning the bread, so they ate it.

mmmmm, I love this....looooove it.

just a tad crunchy....


Next time I will make my own crust, herbed crust that is….I usually do it in the summer when the farmers market is open. But I am definitely giving this another try. This time, it will be less hectic, more organized and more yummy….

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  1. Steph permalink
    March 24, 2011 8:27 AM

    Ok. Add this to the menu when we come to visit. Looks yummy and I can entertain the kids while you cook!!!


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