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Recipe hoarders….

March 9, 2011

Ok…so I have a passion for chocolate chip cookies…not making them, but eating them…I know you know what I am talking about because my ass grows every year….So, a few years ago, I met a friend through a friend, at a baby shower…We’ll just call her Ember…She hosted the shower and had made the BEST chocolate chip cookies ever. I inhaled them. I loved them, I begged her for the recipe but she politely and quietly refused, citing some secret family recipe. I hate recipe hoarders. So, my friend who was having the baby has endured the brunt of my endless nagging and begging of the recipe. She swears it’s the recipe on the back of the tollhouse chocolate chip package. Many batches later, I called bullshit. She said it had to do with the speed of the mixer. So I bought a new mixer. Still not the same recipe. I even paid “Ember” to make me some cookies, and had my neighbor at the time, Ann, try to break down what was in it…No luck. So I eventually gave up, til the chocolate chip cookie craving came back. I begged my friend to get the recipe. She said she couldn’t. I even tried to bribe her. Still didn’t work. So, I set out on an internet search and asked tons of random people about how they make their cookies. The majority of them use the recipe off the back of the chocolate chip package. Been there, done that, so I searched and made several recipes online….

The first was the back of the package, but I used unbleached flour, rather than all-purpose, and more vanilla. But the cookies were just ok. Nothing like the thick, soft, cakey chocolate chip cookies I fell in love with… No pic, they weren’t even good enough to take a pic of…

The second was Martha Stewart’s recipe….I should post a link to her recipe, but why? I didn’t love them….The picture made them look good, but mine came out nothing like the picture. Mine was flat, and boring. So I gave them to my neighbor Jane and started again….


The third recipe was a recipe called Brown-butter chocolate chip cookies. I loved these. I inhaled them immediately out of the oven, but they were not cakey, or thick. They were thin but so freakin’ good. I also make cookies larger than what would be a normal serving size…I use about 2 TBSP of dough per cookie, so they only made about 1 dozen and a half. And I ate about a dozen in 2 days. And 3 days later, nothing fit in the closet. It was painful. It was stressful. I even broke out. But I still baked….I didn’t even take a pic of the cookies because I was so thrilled with the taste that I ate them all before I realized I was supposed to take a pic.

The fourth recipe was off the back of the Crisco Butter lard thing. Someone from Ryan’s work said to use Butter flavored crisco…So, I bought it and saw the recipe on the back of the can, and decided to try it. I can tell you I knew those cookies wouldn’t be good because I didn’t like the taste of the dough. I am a firm believer if the dough is perfect, the cookie is perfect. I hated the taste of the dough but baked them anyway. I wasn’t a fan, nor was Ryan but his co-workers loved them. As did our dinner guests one night. But I was not a fan.

blech, save your money, and buy unsalted butter.

The fifth recipe was another brown butter recipe…this was almost the winner.

 I loved it, I ate it, and even Ryan said, “you’ve almost got it!” So, we ate them and I decided that this recipe was as close as I was going to get to the perfect cookie, but I was going to attempt to make my own recipe. Ryan refused to even listen. He is an adamant believer in following a recipe’s directions to the T, but after many batches of cookies and many pounds later, I ventured out and created my own recipe….and I DID IT!

I took parts of the brown butter recipe and parts of other recipes that looked good and did it!  The dough was perfect. I ate about two cookies worth. Ryan refused to sample the cookie dough because of the fear of raw egg and salmonella…but I choose to live dangerously.  So, the first batch I made smaller cookies. And I left them in the oven a little too long. So the next batch, I made bigger. And oh my gosh, they were perfect. Ryan was so excited he even wanted to help! So he made two huge cookies. And I mean HUGE! And then he took them to work and shared them with everyone. I was a little pissed when I came down that morning and saw those big ass cookies missing, but figured I have the recipe, so I can always make more!  These cookies were so good but by the time the cookie plate was empty, I was tired of baking. I mean,  6 different recipes in a week and a half is a lot! Plus, I had to stop eating them! Seriously, a girl can only wear sweats so long….to work…that is..

So here is my recipe…I am not a hoarder. You all know this…I hope you love it as much as I did. I will say I think the brown butter does it.  Secretly, I love the thinner brown butter cookies more, but my goal was to get the cakey, thick cookies down, and I did!

Note: In my cleaning spree, I realize I must have thrown the recipe away…I had it scribbled on the back of scrap paper…So I think I remember the revised recipe I came up with…Only I would throw away the best cookie recipe ever, but such is my life…

Bahar’s Bestest Chocolate Chip Cookies

14 TBSP. butter.

2 tsps of vanilla plus a tad bit more…u know, enough to make it run over the spoon and not care…

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp table salt…not kosher salt, because that made my cookies too salty.

2 eggs –  I use large because everything in my household is large…

3/4 cup of brown sugar – I used light brown sugar…

1/2 cup of white sugar

2 1/4 cups flour – I used all-purpose flour.

a bag of milk chocolate chips – I used Nestle..

So this is what I did in order…I melted the butter in small saucepan on stove. let it get to the point that it was starting to bubble and turn brown and smell super yummy and nutty and then turned off. while doing that, I mixed the flour, salt and soda together… In my kitchen-aid mixer, I added the butter, and the sugars and mixed for about two minutes. Then I added the eggs, one at a time, then the vanilla. then the flour gradually. Once the flour was all mixed in, I turned the mixer off, and stirred the chocolate chips in. Then, and this is important….I ate some of the dough…then, I stuck it in the fridge for about 30 minutes to harden…then I preheated the oven and got my baking sheets lined out with parchment paper…after 30 minutes, I took out the dough, took another bite, and rolled two tablespoons of dough into a ball and placed on the sheet. I can only fit 6 per sheet…but it only made 18 cookies. If I didn’t eat the dough, it may have made 20…before putting in the oven, I smooshed the tops down just a bit. I cooked about 12 minutes… I pulled them out when I thought this thought, “oh those aren’t done, they are still doughy…” When you have that thought, those make the best cookies! They cook just a tad more when after you pull them out, so then they are done! Or if you need more direction than that, when the edges start to turn golden brown but the tops are still not brown, pull them out. After transferring to a dish once they have cooled off, eat a few with some cold milk. And grab a few napkins because those chocolate chips are still warm and tend to make messy fingers about 3 bites into the cookie.

Also, I never put the cookie dough on warm or hot sheets. Somehow, I have 3 baking sheets, so this worked out perfect for me.

Look at the cookies we made. My first batch, I used 1 tablespoon of dough per cookie. See how small they came out.  The second batch, I used 2 tablespoons, and the last batch, I have no clue because Ryan just grabbed that dough and made two ginormous balls….Anyway, that’s the way my cookie crumbles…and just blogging about this makes me want to make some more tonight….

In the meantime, I did start my Jillian Michael’s workout. I hated it BUT also loved it. I loved the fact that it made me sweat. I hated the way she made me do jumping jacks…I hated how bad I hurt the next three days. Yes, THREE DAYS. I could not walk right. I could not sit right. I could not bend over. Those lunges killed my non-muscular thighs. But I worked out again last night and today I am ok. No pain…maybe because I cheated through the lunge parts…well not entirely…I just didn’t do as many as she said to do. But tonight, I won’t cheat. Summer is coming, and I have a bunch of summer dress I need to fit into. And I have a plan…I will blog about it later…

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