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Beautiful Blizzaster…..

February 3, 2011
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Oh yes, we are in the middle of a blizzard….started Tuesday morning about 3 am….The news and all the weather reports kept warning that there was this massive blizzard heading our way and that we would get at least 12 inches of snow….So Monday, I head to Wal-Mart, with 2 boys, yes, 2,  because Maddy was sick and if we were gonna be holed up I wanted to stock up on munchies…Not bread and milk, because they were out….but munchies. And with the possibility of the power going out, I wanted wood for the fireplace and stuff to make smores…I also got Cameron his chips, and Maddy his fruit and Ryan his pizza rolls. So I stocked up….Everyone was in a frenzy, and I kept telling myself we would be lucky to see 2 inches….Monday night, no snow. Tuesday morning at 3 am, Ryan wakes up and says, “I don’t feel good…” and then says, “it’s snowing…” I ask how much snow and he says, the ground is already covered…And for the next few hours, every 15 minutes, Ryan is up and in the bathroom, and he has the flu…I wake up at 8, and I now have the flu. I remember looking outside and it was still snowing at 8. I remember waking at noon and it was still snowing, and I remember waking at 5 pm and it was still snowing…So I guess we were smack dab in the middle of a blizzard, but we were sick! UGH, it was awful and all I remember is sleeping.  Tuesday, lost in sleep coma…Tuesday night took this pic of Maddy to measure the snow…He was busy playing swords with Cameron but stroke a quick pose…

This is his angry face….




Wednesday  – 1/2 of a day lost in sleep coma….but woke to find out we have over 20 inches of snow…



By 3:00 I told myself to shake it off and get to snow shovelling…so Ryan and I took turns….and it was hard work. We decided to only do one side of the driveway….and felt pretty lazy about it til I saw everyone else did the same…whew!


I will tell you this morning I had the backache from hell though. We started off the morning making cupcakes….Maddy frosted…and mommy ate a couple…



Today, thought we would venture in the backyard, where the snow was blown to almost 4 ft high…see the fence picture?

It’s almost as tall as the fence!  But walking into a 3 ft. high snow drift on the deck is not as easy as you think…So I decide to run and jump in it and pray to God I don’t immediately fall through and break a hip…Thank God I didn’t. The snow held my chubby ass. A little too firmly..Because it was hell getting out of the hole…I tried again and immediately started to panic…why? Because 1. It was 31 degrees outside but the snow falling down the backside of my back and ass felt like it was a negative 31 degrees…2. Trying to pull yourself up out of a snowdrift is useless. You must have muscles. I do not. You must have balance. I do not. You can’t try to look graceful in case the neighbors are peeping…I was not…I lunged forward, and got stuck face first in the drift. I lunged back and got snow in every conceivable crack of my multi-layered outfit…I rolled to the left, and then to the right, and then got on my knees and jumped up. Then I fell again. Then I crawled up the steps and made it in the house. I was done. But the boys wanted to go in the front yard, so I huffed and puffed, not because I was mad, but because I was out of breath. And then when I saw all the damn snow on the carpet I was perturbed….


Then I heard Cameron hit the floor. Then Maddy wiped out… and then I was pissed I didn’t have the camera on because those were some sweet ass falls on the slick tile floor…Luckily their multi-layered outfits cushioned the fall. So out the front we venture…We made snow angels…yes again. And, yes in the front yard, see how good of a mom I am? And yes, I threw myself down and did it quick before anyone could drive by and see….It wasn’t pretty…

 And upon closer examination, my head looks really tiny for my snow angel body…so I am going to go with big hair for awhile…See if that will balance it out…That mess at the end of the angel is me digging my way out…I couldn’t crop it out…

Cameron’s little legs couldn’t climb up the 20 inches of snow, so I had to pick him up and throw him in the snow, and then he did his best as making a snow angel…I will say I think his came out better than Maddy’s this year…..

  Ignore that big shadow in the background…geez, the sun did me no favors today…I thought if the sun was behind you, it was supposed to slender you out instead of making you seem like the blob…

Maddy couldn’t get out his snowdrift…

I told him if I could do a sit up, so could he…After many attempts and finally making it up, he collapsed from exhaustion, and the snow held him!

 Next was the snowball fight…they made themselves a little bunker and threw big chunks of snow…


first at me, then at each other…It was all good til snow fell down the back of Cameron’s neck and back and he started to cry….Oh yes, it was very reminiscent of the snowball in the eye….But I couldn’t help but feel bad when he said, “Help me!”

He only talks fluent English when he wants something…So I was kind and helped him up, and then I pushed him back down again….

I can’t help it. He is so fun to torment. Then I picked him back up again and we all trekked more snow into the house and into the hot bath they went….More blogs later about the movie marathons I watched during the blizzard!

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  1. Annie permalink
    February 8, 2011 8:38 AM

    WOWZA! Those pics are great and I bet you did lose your shit with all that snow on the carpet. Rob. hahahahahahah!!!!!

    I love seeing Maddie and Cammers. They are growing so much, but they still look the same to me.

    Glad you’re feeling better and Great snow angels, btw.


  2. Carrie permalink
    February 13, 2011 2:12 PM

    I swear I never laugh so hard as to read your blogs. I think its bc you are so brutally honest. I know I have totally pushed my kids down in the snow but secretly never told anyone bc I didnt want them to think I was a bad parent. But when you just put it out there, I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside


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