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Movie Reviews with a little talk radio mixed in….

January 19, 2011

So its cold, snowy, too cold for me to want to go out and shop. I know, right? Who knew?  Even too cold for me to go get my nails and pedicure I have been talking about for the last month done…I just want to stay home, eat beer bread, and watch movies. So I watched Case 39 last week, with Renee Zellweger, whom Ryan hates, but I like, and Bradley Cooper, whom I love, but Ryan likes… I will tell you this is a scary movie. I judge scary movies by how scary they are by having to cover my face during certain scenes…And I covered my face twice. So it’s not that scary but scary enough to give the willies.  This is a movie best watched in the dark, under the covers, while everyone else is asleep, so you can get the full fear factor going. Rent it!

I also watched The Switch, with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman. I love both of them. It was an ok movie. It was predictable, cute, but just your typical Jennifer Aniston movie. So watch it on a snow day with a bunch of other movies.

I also watched The Devil. Now I am a M. Night Shyamalan fan. I will tell you I took a film class in college and it was the best class I ever took. I will probably take another one, once the boys are in school just for the hell of it. It has forever changed the way I watch movies. I learned how to watch the movie from the director’s perspective, rather than just the viewer’s, and it made me listen more closely to the music score in movies, as well as pay attention the lighting and the camera angles. If you ever get the chance to take a film class, I highly suggest it.  So back the movie, the Devil.  I feel like M. Night Shyamalan’s movies are all created for film classes to dissect. I know he loves the hidden directorial clues he implements into his films, but I felt like Devil was so full of them, and almost forced, that once you watch it with your basic Film 101 knowledge, all you see is the examples from class. I liked it, it was your basic who done it murder mystery encased in an elevator, but it didn’t live up to my favorites, The Sixth Sense, The Village, and Unbreakable. 

I was also anxious to watch The Social Network. I wasn’t in love. I didn’t understand all the media hype about it being oscar- worthy…I, of course, perked up once Justin Timberlake came into play as Napster creator Sean Parker. I take it back, I can see the oscar buzz about the film, but only from the director’s view, not the average movie viewer’s view. So I think it would be the film for the category Best Director..For instance…The Winklevoss twins who sued Mark Zuckerberg was actually played by Armie Hammer; just one actor, and they did a great job of editing, because I never suspected that there wasn’t two different actors. I also refuse to read any reviews to any movies before I watch because I don’t want to have those other opinions in my head when I watch, and if I truly love the film, I will go and read the reviews after watching the movie, but I haven’t done that in a long, long time.  Now another example from the director’s view regarding the twins, was a statement they made in reference to fighting Mark Zuckerberg, and instead of saying they ( the twins) would have to fight him (being plural), Hammer said he will have to fight both of me…a little director’s twist of play.  Also, I thought it was humorous that Hammer’s name is Armand Hammer (but in the credits is listed as Armie Hammer)  and in one particular scene, Zuckerberg is wearing a Arm & Hammer t-shirt. Which Hammer, the actor, is the great-grandson of the business tycoon owner of Arm & Hammer.  And there are more director slips in the movie, but I believe it is these that makes the movie oscar-worthy. I will say it was an interesting movie about how Facebook came into being.  And I am still amazed at the genius minds of computer programmers everywhere.  I am also amazed at how much Facebook made Zuckerberg worth! Which leads me to money…So here is where I digress…..Facebook is worth billions!!! So the other day, I was driving home from work and listening to Rosie Radio, and one of the girls who is on her show brought up that her friend has a friend who won the lottery. Of course you know I perked right up and turned that shit up. So Rosie brings up her income. Cha-ching!  She makes the comment that once she started her show, which I am assuming was the television Rosie O’Donnell show, she started making so much money that it was equivalent to winning the lottery.  She said it was too much for her mind to even comprehend. She even said it was enough to fund a small, underprivileged nation. So she said once her income hit a certain number, her mind shut off completely. She said her financial advisors tried and tried to explain to her and she said the minute they start talking show tunes start playing in her head.  Really?!?! Because I would be fantasizing about a secluded island where I had everything I wanted including stacks of cash…Show tunes would not be anywhere near this fantasy, hell, I don’t even know any show tunes!  So she said she has turned all her money over to her brother. Rosie claims to be ADHD and claims that she has Aspergers Syndrome. She said she has never been clinically diagnosed but she has all the characteristics so she self diagnosed herself.  So she said her brother understands her thought patterns, so she tells him he has free will to donate to charities but to just make sure there is nothing that can come back and look bad on her. She also mentioned that Suzie Orman is all over her ass and has told her that this is the year she is going to get a grip and understand her money. Her sidekicks remind her that Billy Joel’s brother stole all his money and he had complete control as well. Rosie says that her brother goes to the financial meetings, then comes back and debriefs her, get this, by pulling out the game board Risk. She can understand and comprehend if it’s a game, so he says, “you have so much money here, do you want to move it here or here” and she tells him…First of all, wouldn’t it be nice to have that much money that you must have it explained to you. She also said her brother is responsible for having money on her atm card, so as long as she can pull out her 200 she is good. Now I wonder if this is $200.00 a day or a week….But anyway, I can’t fathom not wanting to know exactly how much I have. I would be like Oprah, I would know to the dollar…Now not everyday, because my ass would be spending and shopping…But I know Ryan would know the number, always..But I would know, and would not need a game board brought out to break it down to me….Must be nice, huh? And this is why I play the lotto…

Now on my movie list on the next snowday, which I am hoping is tomorrow, will be Wall Street, because Michael Douglas is still HOT…Buried, because Ryan Reynolds is HOT…Stone, because Ed Norton and Robert Deniro are among my favorite actors of all time, and last but not least, Catfish. Catfish made its premiere at the Sundance festival last year and is a documentary from what I recall from the commercials. I vaguely remember it being about a picture on the internet, and it turning into something different. So I am going to watch and see….And as a reminder to my horror-flick loving friends out there, The Last Exorcism is now out on DVD, so I highly recommend that as well, in the dark, under the covers, while everyone is asleep….

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