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Beer bread = beer tummy?

January 14, 2011

So I ate a loaf and a half of beer bread. Don’t “tsk, tsk” me…I know I have a problem with Carbs…I’m addicted, I love them. LOOOOVE them…so I am not a beer drinker. Never have been. But I love beer bread.  Til this morning, when I went to get dressed and saw my muffin top. WTF?!?! I wore this exact outfit a week ago from today. I know this because when I put it on last week, I thought I rocked it. BTW it was the Bill Cosby top my husband hates…but this morning, it fit different. And the only that has changed in a week is the damn beer bread. If eating a loaf and a half which is basically one and half beers made me bloat to the extent I did this morning, then I can honestly say I will never, ever, ever be a beer drinker…A bread eater, yes…A beer bread eater? Not for a few years..I am pretty pissed about this situation…so guess what I’ll be doing this weekend? Breaking out the Jillian Michaels workout DVD…. BIG SIGH!!!! Fuckin bread….and brownies….

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  1. Annie permalink
    February 1, 2011 2:00 PM

    i am a bloated mess.



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