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January 13, 2011

Oh it snowed! It came 2 and a half weeks after Christmas, but it snowed! I was so happy, as was Cameron and Maddy. Tuesday was declared a snow day and I promised Maddy I would go out with him and Cameron and make snow angels. I can’t tell you when the last time I made a snow angel was, heck, I can’t even tell you the last time I played in snow….or let the kids play in snow…

When Maddy was 2, Ryan took him outside, and let him walk on the deck, and in the backyard, but 30 seconds later, he was done and wanted to come inside.

Maddy was 2 here, and look, I did the double hat thing here too.


Then when Maddy was 3, it was about the same. He was excited about it but didn’t like the cold. When Maddy was 4, he played for about 5 minutes and was done.

Maddy was 4! And now Cameron wears this coat...lost the gloves though! Notice the double hat again...


And last year, we were horrible parents. We let him play in the backyard, we watched him for a little bit but it got boring, so we moved on to watch tv. A few minutes later, I hit mute and heard him screaming bloody murder. My poor Maddy’s boots got caught in the snow by the swingset and he had to walk to the back door barefoot. I felt like the worst mother in the world, and was frantically peeking out the blinds to see if the neighbors behind me were turning me in to child services. So there is no pic of that moment….

So this year, Cameron is 3, and he woke up so excited to see the white stuff outside that he ran and grabbed his boots and said, “Boots!”  Maddy did too, and mind you, it’s just 10:30 am. The sun hasn’t fully come out yet to warm up, and it was 5 degrees outside. But I gave in, because I knew once I took a shower, and gave them baths, there was no way in hell I was letting them out there. They would catch pneumonia!  That’s what I always heard growing up anyway….So I decide we need to bundle up and layer up. So we all wear 2 layers of clothes.
Cameron is still in his footy pajamas, so I just threw on a pair of pants and this cute penguin sweater I love, but have yet to have any of them wear. I bought it for Maddy when he was 2, from the Gap, when March of the Penguins came out. It cames with a little penguin hat too, but I never let them wear it because I was afraid it was too sissy..That’s what Ryan said anyway. So I figured Cameron could be a little penguin.  Two hats, his boots and Ryan’s gloves, because I couldn’t find the other pair, Cameron was done.

all layered up and ready to go!


 Next was Maddy. He had on 2 shirts, a shirt jacket, and a coat and 2 pairs of pants, a hat, a scarf and gloves.

Thank god, Maddy can dress himself...its not pretty, but its layers.


Then it was my turn. I don’t have windpants…So I put on a pair of yoga pants and then a pair of velour pants. I didn’t know what else to wear! Then I put on two long sleeve shirts, Ryan’s hoody, a hat, a scarf, my leopard gloves, sunglasses, and boots. Can you tell I don’t know how to play outside?  This makes me silently curse my childhood and makes me fear that I am going to make my boys sissy. I need to man up and let them play til they freeze their balls off, cause that’s what boys do.

Cameron's got his game face on.

So we all waddle outside. Maddy complains that he can’t bend his legs, and I tell him Cameron can relate. I grab the flip camera and we take off. First we had a snowball fight. But the snow wasn’t snowball material and it just collapsed through our hands. So we threw snow powder instead. Then we decide to make the angels….We find a spot in the snow that is undisturbed and though Maddy keeps begging for us to do it in the front yard, I adamantly refuse. No way is my fat ass going to be on the ground in the front yard making snow angels for all the neighbors to see. So we do it in the backyard. Maddy quickly just free falls backward and makes his. I think to myself there is no way in hell I can free fall backward. I would break a hip or bounce and I don’t know which one is worse. So Maddy makes a perfect snow angel.

I gave it a 10! For Maddy to never have made a snowangel before, he perfected it!

Now its my turn. I give Maddy the camera, and silently pray that he gets my good side. He didn’t, which is why you won’t see a pic of my ass on the ground. But I did do the snow angel, I did enjoy it and rolling over to do a sit up and not messing up the angel was a sight to be seen. And believe me, I saw it and quickly deleted it. Then I made a batch of brownies and some beer bread, and ate the whole loaf. Seems seeing my fat ass roll over on the ground doesn’t make me want to run to the gym but to eat instead. I know, crazy, right? Anyway, back to snow angel making….So, Maddy screams, “Good one, Mom!” and I am so proud!

Yeah, that's a big snowangel.

Now it’s Cameron’s turn. He refuses to free fall so we just push him backward. Then Maddy screams at him to move his arms and legs, which he moves the arms, but can’t move the legs. I don’t know if it’s because of the layers or if it’s because he is my son, and is uncoordinated and can’t do both simultaneously. So I grab his legs and make the legs for the angel.

oh how I loved knocking him over in the snow!

All is going well til the sun hits Cameron in the eye and then he is done. He tries to do a sit up and can’t. He tries to roll over but I won’t let him because I have his legs, so I keep rolling him back on his back. Then I lift him up when he starts to wail. Maddy screams, “That’s a messed up looking snowangel, Cameron!” which makes Cameron scream and wail more….

Eh, I gave it a 7....

Then Maddy screams back, “Cameron! Stop crying or I am going to hit you with a snowball!”

I start to laugh and this pisses Cameron off further. He has no sense of humor when it comes to us laughing at his expense, which is another trait he gets from me. So he says, “house!” which in “Cameronese”  means he is done. So what does Maddy do, he runs after Cameron with a snowball and yells for Cameron to look and BAM! Cameron gets it in the eye! 

This is priceless. I love it more than I love bread.

More wails, more crying, more of us laughing hysterically at him and the snow play is done. We go inside and I put them in a bubble bath and we are done for the day.  Yesterday was a snow day as well but it was -2 degrees outside and when Maddy asked if we could go make snow angels again, I answered, “No way, Jose! We’ll catch pneumonia!” 

But deep down, Maddy and I are both laughing our asses off at the snowball fight with Cameron….Just look at the smile…

hee hee, laugh now Maddy, but one day Cameron is gonna get you back!

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    January 13, 2011 10:43 PM

    OMG. Hilarious!!! I love it 🙂 Y’alls angels are gooood!!! I’m so glad you went out to play. Wish I’d been there to join you. I’m not much on being cold. Today I sat in the Suburban at the bottom of the hill and watched Bradley do his thing. The snow will not go away here. We must have between six and eight inches in places. It’s making me kinda whacko and more is coming next week!!!! GAH!!!!!!!

    Hug those babies for me. God I miss you guys!


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