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Scrooge in school?

December 9, 2010

The last few months have been filled with bribery when it comes to Maddox…”I’m going to call Santa if you don’t stop hitting Cameron…”, “I’m calling Santa if you don’t clean your room…”, “I’m calling Santa if you won’t share…” and lately its just been, “that’s it, I’m calling Santa, now!”…so imagine my shock when the other night, Maddox climbed into our bed, and had his sad eyes on, and said that a certain kid in his class, whom I will call  “Scrooge”, is telling everyone that there isn’t any Santa…It immediately took me back to being 10 years old, ok, 12. I remember making out my list for Santa. I was sitting on the floor in the living room, writing it out on the coffee table and my mom was watching me write out the list and finally just blurted out, in the middle of me writing my list, mind you, “Bahar, don’t you know there isn’t a Santa?” I’ll never forget that as long as I live.

Sure, I heard the rumors…I heard the reasons why there couldn’t be, but I still believed… and looking back now, I can’t help but think it was kind of shitty letting me know like that. But I guess that was the only way she knew how to tell me…I just knew if I made a list, I usually got what I wanted, or got a crisp $100.00 bill to buy what I wanted, because that’s what my family does…hands out money in lieu of gift-giving. It’s all changed now that there are grandkids though. Well not really, my dad still forks out the cash but my mom is buying presents, though most of the time they are not wrapped. So for me, now, Christmas is huge. I go all out, I spend way too much, I buy the heavy-duty wrapping paper, and I wrap to my heart’s content. I decorate. I even bought garland, though this year it made me stroke out..Garland should not be that difficult..I digress, back to the painful stroll down memory lane.. I remember crying and telling my mom, “thanks for ruining Christmas, Mom!” and she laughed, which made me cry harder… I still get mad thinking back on it, and I can’t remember what I got for Christmas that year, but I am pretty sure it must have been good, like guilt-induced good…Maybe my mom was afraid kids would think I was retarded or something for believing, but I enjoyed the belief of him and the idea of him. So when my mom was in town last, and heard my bribing Maddox with Santa, she coolly asked how long I was going to let him believe. I told her I hadn’t decided but it wasn’t going to be a harsh slap of reality as she put it. She found the memory and my comment humorous though I will tell you there was no humor intended…So when Maddy said that Scrooge told him there was no Santa, my heart sank. I didn’t know what to say. Ryan must have seen my anguish and he knows how it went with my mom telling me, so he quickly replied that as long you believe there is a Santa, there is. He said, I bet “Scrooge” won’t be getting any presents from Santa because if you don’t believe in Santa, why would he bring you presents? Oh, I think it may have worked for now, but I can see that Maddy is starting to doubt it, so now I am plagued with how will I answer the questions like:

1. How does Santa deliver all those presents in one night?

2. Who is the Santa in the mall? And why is he not the same Santa that I saw at the school?

3. How will Santa come down the fireplace with all those candles you have in there?

4. Why is Cameron getting presents when he is so naughty…ok, ok …I put that one out there..

Anyway, it takes me back to my childhood. I remember asking those questions and believing that the kids who didn’t have fireplaces had Santa come through the dryer. Makes no sense, I know, and I can assure I was pretty book-smart in school, but I somehow believed that crock. I loved the idea of Santa. And I loved how Maddy last year made me make homemade cookies, which I only do like once or twice a year, in lieu of the pre-cut toll house cookies in the refrigerated section at the grocery store. And how that morning he told me he waited up and swore he heard Santa downstairs, and how it scared him but made him want to see and how excited it made him. It was just so sweet and damn that kid for ruining it. I mean we are talking kindergartners here. I would understand 5th grade, but kindergarten? Let the kids dream, will ya? So, I think Ryan convinced Maddy for now, but I think next year is going to be harder to convince….But Ryan got me to thinking…If you believe, then Santa brings presents…So since I am firmly a believer and Santa’s biggest fan, then I think there should be some presents for me under the tree too.

So, I am working on my list….I am thinking along the lines of an I-pad….maybe some gift cards to Sephora, because I don’t need Santa picking out eyeshadows for me…Maybe some gift cards to Coach…I’m just putting it out there…

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  1. iamsurly permalink
    December 9, 2010 4:35 PM

    You forgot “Why does the creepy Santa at the mall smell funny and what’s that stuff in his beard?”


  2. Annie permalink
    December 9, 2010 8:05 PM

    Kayla believed until she was twelve. Do you remember how she found out? AT THE EFFING TOYS-R-US?????

    Standing in the line behind two ladies of the same thinking as Grandma Edie and the EFFING TRU cashier … they were bitching back and forth and paid no attention that a kid was standing right there.

    Very sad. Very traumatizing to me. Do you remember this at all? I called TRU corporate and threw a fit!!!!! OMG – I’m totally pissed off just thinking about it.

    We say the same exact thing as Ryan … as long as you believe …

    So I can’t wait to try on all your new eyeshadow and borrow your coach purse Santa is going to bring.

    effing little prick, scrooge … coal and switches for his bratty ass.


  3. December 9, 2010 8:30 PM

    I do remember! I didn’t know u called TRU headquarters! Good for u! can u believe that little kindergartner! damnit!


    • Carrie permalink
      December 15, 2010 6:33 PM

      You know, that has totally been the topic of conversation in the first grade classroom lately. And of course, you have one jackass that tries to ruin it for everyone. I answer all their questions (just like the ones you listed) with the simple answer: he is magic. Christmas is magic. And I give the best line-“if you dont believe, you dont receive.”
      They seem to be very content w/ that answer. I read “The Polar Express” this week and it makes me cry everytime, thinking about how one day Elise & Eli may never hear the bell. After we read the story in my classroom, I went to school that weekend and snuck bells in each of their boxes. I put candy canes in their “stockings” and so when Monday came, we had a whole class of believers. Even the little jackass who tried to ruin it didnt have anyting ugly to say.


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