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Sweets for the sweet!

October 30, 2010
I think the caketrastrophe went better than expected…
Of course, Ryan had to spill the beans to his dad prior to him coming over…I’m guessing it went kind of like  this…”Bahar spent hours on a chocolate cake for you, I don’t think its going to be good, but just take a bite and grin and say its good..” I think this because when dinner was over, I said, “ok, its cake time!” and I saw Nova give Ryan a quick glance, like, “uh oh”. He saw that I saw that look and he said, “Ryan told me about the cake..” I look at Ryan like he is a traitor, but was anxious to get the cake part over with, so I let it go…I liked how earlier that day Ann sent me a text and told me to pour ganache all over it…I texted back, “why, for it spill all over the counter, the cake is majorly tilted! No thanks.”  Then at 4:45, I started to panic. So I sent her a text and said, “how do u make a ganache anyway…” An hour later she texts back, cream, chocolate and something else I can’t remember…By this time, I am making dinner, and I text back, “ shit, I am out of cream, I used it all for the frosting! Do you think Casey’s sells cream? And can I make it in 15 minutes, because dinner is ready in 15 minutes…”  She texts back, “Do not use milk! Casey’s may sell half and half, but I never tried that, but you can try, and no, I don’t think you can make ganache in 15 minutes…” I passed on that adventure…I forgot to get the damn cake out of the fridge so it would be a room temperature…I was in such a rush to bake an Apple pie, yes, I stopped at Braums and picked up Vanilla Ice Cream, to go with the cake, and an Apple Pie, because Nova loves chocolate cake and apple pie…        

I’m a pro at baking frozen food….Ignore the rusty cookie sheet please…



 I wanted everyone to take a bite, but I didn’t expect them to eat the whole thing. So pie is baking, steaks are on the grill, potatoes are boiling and I am trying to think if I should venture to make a ganache. I ask Ryan and he quickly replies, “uh, no.”  So dinner is over, everyone is feigning fullness…I head to the fridge and pull out the cake and realize how heavy it is…I grab a knife and that triangular serving utensil (what do u call that anyway?) and my knife barely penetrates the frosting. I start to panic…Amanda is behind me and I know she is thinking, “what the hell is wrong with that cake…” so I grab a bigger knife…a butcher knife to be exact…I manage to cut through to the bottom of the cake, I make sure to make the slices pretty thick, just like Ann does. Then I use the triangular utensil to slide it off the cake plate   and onto our dishes, and uh, the utensil started to bend…I must have panicked because Amanda was quickly standing by my side, mouth open, not saying a word, watching as my utensil bends almost backward and then the cake releases and I am able to plate it!  “Whew!”, we both sigh!                                                                                                   

check out those layers cemented with frosting…
After immediately putting in front of Nova and Ryan, they gasp at the size of the slice…      

This is the look I get when I tell Ryan he has to eat it too....

Nova tries to smile, but frosting has his mouth cemented that way.
I’ll have you know, I was the only one who ate my whole cake minus the frosting…the frosting was a sugar induced coma just waiting to happen…So I made Cameron and Maddox eat a few bites.

Cameron takes after me, he loves his carbs and ice cream....


 Five minutes later, Ryan went to lay on the couch….two minutes later, he was passed out…minutes later, Nova and Amanda left with their cake… Ten minutes later, all the boys were asleep…What does that say about me???? Is my body so used to that amount of sugar that it doesn’t even recognize sugar coma levels anymore? Oh yeah, I didn’t eat the frosting…that’s why I was up til 2 am…

 Yesterday was Maddy’s kindergarten Halloween party!


  I made it just in time to watch the kiddos parade outside in the freezing cold. I saw lots of Iron Men, lots of ninja’s, lots of police officers, a few clowns (ewww)….

My kids will never be clowns...


 I took some pics…Watching these kids walk in the parade, you could tell a lot by their costumes…You could tell which parents were crafty enough to make their own costumes, see the rocket costume…

I thought the wind was going to send him in flight...super cute though!


You could tell which parents were probably still in their early 20’s, see the go go dancer kindergartener….

And which ones just buy the packaged costumes and are good to go…(that would be me…)
Once I got Maddy’s attention, he kept waving at me holding his hand a certain way.  I finally decide to just walk over to him, and he tells me he fell and scraped his wrist. It was a tiny scratch so I told him to shake it off, and we would band aid it later. After the parade, we walk into the classroom, where Maddy proceeds to tell me each kids’ names. I was so proud. Why, you ask? Because Maddy never remembers anyone’s names. Even the same kids he went to preschool with for 2 1/2 years. Oh he remembered Olivia, because he thought she was beautiful…But everyone else was called the brown haired boy, the yellow haired girl, the chubby boy, the girl with glasses…I kept telling him, make friends, learn their names…And he would adamantly reply they were friends, he just didn’t need to know their names….That’s when I began the stranger danger preaching…So now Maddy knows everyone’s names! Yay, big victory there for me!  I couldn’t find all his halloween pics from the years past because a certain chubby 3 year old broke my laptop, and I was unable to get all the pics off of it…But here is a flashback of Maddy….
Oh how I loved this chicken costume…he wore it when he was 1 and when he was 2. I bought the costume two years in a row, then kept it, to taunt him when he got to be in his teens about what a cute little chick he was until I saw the tv show Hoarders, and I sold it last month…
Then I let Cameron wear it when he was 2! He was just as adorable!
Then came the year he wanted to be a Santa Claus….What 2 year old comes up with this idea? My brilliant son, Maddox…
     and Daddy was a Sumo…..
Then came the year we, I, nixed the idea of the ping pong player…So he was a Ninja…
That was the year Cammy was the chicken….
Last year, I was a bad mom who forgot to take pics of them in their GI Joe costume, which looked pretty much like the ninja costume, and Cameron was a doggy….so cute! But by the time I remembered I needed pics, they were already out of their costumes, inhaling candy, and they refused to get back in them…I understood because I understand the power of chocolate…Just pretend they are below…
So this year we have a Ghostbuster and a Bumblebee transformer…ehh, their boys…I can’t make them wear cute cuddly costumes anymore…So I’ll stick with the guns and swords…Could be worse…Could be a ping pong player….
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  1. iamsurly permalink
    October 30, 2010 11:02 PM

    You might be ready for Cherpumple…. maybe.


  2. October 31, 2010 1:45 PM

    I want to maintain my virginity mandee…


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