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October 19, 2010

Ever hear of a great new concept or ever read an article that inspires you so, or enlightens you to be better, do better, think better?  Well, I read an article and fell in love with the idea of what the article was about….A daughter was writing about her deceased mom..She said that after her mom retired and her parents moved to Florida, her mom started a “God Box”. She would have a pretty box, and whenever anything came up that needed prayer or well wishes or anything that was of concern, her mom would tear a scrap of paper, off anything, even scribbling notes on the back of grocery receipts…and the papers would read something like this…

“Dear God, Let Kate’s mammogram come back clean…” Dear God, Let the house  be a good investment for the kids…”  “Dear God, Let my cake win first place…” 

From the heavy stuff to the easy, day-to-day stuff, her mom would put any concern she had or her kids had, or anyone she knew had into this “God box”. Her theory, or faith, as I see it, is you pray about it, you put it in the box, and you leave it to God to handle…If her kids continued to worry or fret about the said concern, she would take it out of the box because they hadn’t fully let go and allowed God to take care of the concern. The daughter wrote that she knew of the God Box, that her mom’s friend told her to start one and that’s how it began, and how anytime she called her mom about anything, her mom would say, “I’ll put it in the God box”. It wasn’t til after she passed away and they were cleaning out her closets that they found 10 boxes in her closet stuffed full of prayers, hopes and dreams. She recalls telling her mom years ago that her best friends’ mom was dying of breast cancer and how her mom, who had never met her best friends’ mom, put a letter to god asking for her mammogram to come back clean. She found paper after paper written about her family, her mom’s friends, even random people her mom just met at the grocery store, and was amazed at how she never understood or fully grasped the concept her mom was dedicated to doing each day. She kept the boxes and looks through them as a reminder of how her prayers were answered and how her mom was a part of it.

I was touched by this, because it’s so simplistic in nature and theory, and yet, we as humans, always tend to dramatize everything, or I do at least…I do try to let it go and let God handle it but I found this method so startling and so sincere, and so easy that I believe I am going to do the same. Remember when The Secret came out, and that whole “law of attraction” idea was so popular?  Weren’t they preaching the same concept, put it on the corkboard, let it go, and the universe will bring it to you?  Well, I, being attracted to this idea, did that. I put up the corkboard, and put on it what I wanted…Of course, many of you who know me, know there is a powerball ticket up there….but there is also the picture of the beach house we stayed at and fell in love with…and there is the fake check they tell you to print out and make out to yourself and expect to see within the year… Three years later, no $300,000 check…But at the center of the corkboard is a little yellow square paper that simply says, “No more heart surgeries”. I made that corkboard the year I had Cameron, and after the first heart surgery, and the second scare, and part surgery, I put it front and center on the corkboard, and 3 years later, no more heart surgeries…Do I think it’s because of  The Secret?  No, but I did have complete and total faith in that wish, hope and prayer. And now I am too superstitious to take it down. I mentioned to Ryan a few months ago, that I was thinking of taking it down, but I think he, too, is a little superstitious, because he told me to keep it up. When I asked why, he said he liked to look at it…The difference between the Secret’s corkboard idea and the God Box, is of course, the belief in God, and not a “higher power” or “law of attraction…” but also because when you put it in the box, you don’t see it.  It’s not a daily reminder, to remind you of whether or not the wish or prayer has been fulfilled, it’s simply put away and we have to have the faith to believe its taken care of and resolved. With the Secret, the corkboard is out and in the open, and in my case, directly across from our bed, so we see it each day. Maybe this is why, but they tell you to put it up where you see it each day, and for me, it’s just a daily reminder that I haven’t won the powerball yet…

I think the “God Box” is a very powerful, faithful idea. I can’t wait to find the perfect box and fill it with daily prayers…Today I would put, “Please let Micah’s test results come back negative”, “Please let Koury get good news in court”, “Please let Ann come to visit soon,”  “Please let me hear out of my left ear soon…”, “Please let Rob make it home safe to Ann…”   I am in love with the idea of my boys finding them, hopefully 60 plus years later, and seeing all the love we had for them and all the daily prayers we pray for them. I hope it makes them have a more faithful, enlightened life, as I hope it does for you too. I will take a pic soon of my new God Box and post it for you to see.

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  1. October 23, 2010 7:22 PM

    This is such a beautiful idea. I think I might give it a try as well.

    I haven’t read “The Secret” but I am a huge fan of Neale Donald Walsch and Louise Hay. The “Law of Attraction” stuff is pretty powerful but can also be ripe for huge disappointment, it’s tough to stay consistent with it especially when you are going through tough times. Not to sound all negative, that’s really not what I mean, I just mean it takes some serious dedication.


  2. October 27, 2010 3:08 PM

    Secret fan here. Thank you for this post. Wonderful writing.


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