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October 4, 2010

We made a little trip to the Halloween party store to get Maddy his Ghostbusters costume he wanted…Let me just digress here for a second and tell you how truly unique Maddy is…When he was 1, I bought him the cutest little chicken costume, and loved him in it so much, that I bought the same one for him when he was 2. Also, because he was sick at Halloween and I couldn’t take him out, so he had to answer the door with me, with it on. When he was 3, he was adamant that he wanted to be Santa Claus. Yes, Santa…so my neighbor made him a santa costume, because guess what, they don’t make santa costumes at Halloween time, who knew?!?! When he was 4, he wanted to be ping pong player, with the whole headband and shorts and big socks…I quickly shot that one down…How did he know the wardrobe of said ping-pong players, u ask? Well the hubs likes to watch stupid shit on tv. Like the history channel (I don’t want to hear any moaning, I don’t like it), and ESPN (which I only care about when they are talking about the cowboys or Tiger Woods – Yes, I am a fan, and Yes, if I was single…well let’s just say I wouldn’t have run to the tabloids…), and whatever channel the world playoffs of ping-pong were on, Maddy saw it and wanted to be it. He begged and pleaded and everyone told me to let him be the ping player, but as a mom, I had to say no….come on, when he is 18, he doesn’t want to look back and see himself as a ping-pong player….So we made him a ninja. I sold him on the big sword….When he was 5, he was Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe, which I never watched the movie, but hey, it was very similar to the ninja costume…I think we may have even used the same sword? This year, he wanted to be a ghostbuster. He watched the movie once, back in february and remembered it so much that he wanted to be it for Halloween. I thought he would forget, so I was leaning more towards Mario or Luigi, since he loves to wear those hideous t-shirts they make and I am sucker to buy. I even thought about making him a Minion off of Despicable Me. Ryan could be the boss, and Maddy and Cameron could walk around looking cute as hell in their yellow outfits and thick coke bottle glasses. I had it all planned out. But then the flyer from the Halloween store came in the paper today and Maddy immediately asked if there was a ghostbuster costume in it. “No, I don’t see one, but I see Mario!” He comes to look at it and wouldn’t you know it, the damn ghostbuster costume was right above it. I didn’t even look for it, so he shouted, “There it is!” and ran to his dad and was so cute and excited that Ryan wanted to leave and go buy it for him today….So off we trudge, to the Halloween store, where Ryan shoves a clown mask in my face, nice, huh? And we buy the Ghostbuster outfit…gotta admit, he looks pretty cute in it, but still, ghostbusters, really? Anyway, the party store is in front of Target, and I just casually mention my steam cleaner is over there, and Ryan says, let’s go! So I am now the proud owner of a carpet cleaner, and the cleaning will commence tomorrow…I am so excited about the miracle cleaner that I am going to take before and after shots just to show you how good it works…Call me Billy Mays, but I love it! Do you care? No, I know this…But I am still posting the pics.

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  1. Carrie permalink
    October 4, 2010 3:20 AM

    You and Taylor should have a carpet cleaning contest-let me tell you-he’s pretty darn good at it! He cleans ours like once a month.
    And so if Maddy is a ghostbuster guy,what is cam gonna be?


    • October 4, 2010 3:22 AM

      Cam is on a bumblebee kick. From transformers, not the cute black and yellow bee that will sting u and leave u with welts…He got a costume for his bday, that he begs to wear daily, so we are done for halloween! what’s elise and eli going to be?


    • October 4, 2010 1:11 PM

      I actually can’t believe taylor cleans the carpets once a month! That’s something I would do! I am going to email him pics to just tease him.


  2. Annie permalink
    October 12, 2010 5:58 PM

    Let it be known that I voted YES for the Ping Pong Player. And I remember the CHICKEN! OMG that was my fave costume EVAH! And Santa. Oh Maddie. So so precious, my little Maddie.


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