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And he speaks!!!!

September 20, 2010

So for the last year, Cameron hasn’t spoken much except for the mama, daddy, or as he calls him now Diddy, papa, ninny, coco, and of course, his first words, Bumblebee…but not much more than that. Oh wait, we can’t forget “poop!” Anything that is dirty, whether it be a toy of his, or the table, or even chocolate from his grubby little hands is poop. We literally hear, “ewww, it’s poop!” at least 10 times a day.  The Dr. told us Cameron was not speaking because Maddox talked for him all the time, and I didn’t really believe it, because I never really heard Maddox doing it, til Cameron started to speak…I wasn’t overly concerned, because Maddy didn’t start to really talk til after he was 3 either, and of course everyone told me then I should be concerned, but I knew Maddy was smart and could understand, he just didn’t want to speak.  On Cameron’s birthday, Maddy ran into his room, and said, “say Maddox! say Maddox!” and Cameron responded, “ehhh…” which means Maddy, and Maddox groaned, “ugh, he can’t talk!” I told Maddy, “he will talk anyday now, you didn’t wake up speaking on your third birthday, it was a few weeks later.”  So, exactly 9 days after Cameron turned 3, he started talking. And I don’t mean random ramblings, like before, but major sentences. He woke up and started yelling through the house, “mom, where are you?”, and when we were leaving for the store, he started telling all the rooms goodbye, “Bye choo-choo’s, bye room, bye lights.”  I stopped in the middle of the staircase and looked back up to him and said, “what did you say?”, still  not realizing he is speaking, til that moment, and he pointed up to the light fixture, and said again, “bye light!” I screamed with joy and said, “Cameron, you can talk!” and made him say everything, “maddy”, “store” everything I could think of! And Maddy was no longer, “ehhhh” but ” Maddy!” And by this weekend, I was telling Cameron to “be quiet!”  It’s been non-stop chatter. And though I knew it would be this way, because it was with Maddy, I should have enjoyed the silence a little more instead of worrying that Cameron was deaf and couldn’t hear, or that he had a speech problem. And so he speaks, non-stop….

On a sad note, my soap opera, “AS THE WORLD TURNS” ended forever on Friday. And stupid me, cleaning out all the shows on the DVR that had been watched, erased it, by mistake. I screamed, “OH NO!!!” and when Ryan asked what happened and I told him, he laughed hysterically. Only I, who has DVR’d “As the World Turns” for the last 11 years, and watched religiously every morning, while I do my makeup, would erase the finale. But luckily, Facebook posted a link today and I got to watch it from the new computer downstairs. It wasn’t as great as I thought it would be. I thought I would cry and be upset that this soap opera I had been watching for the last 20 years was ending but it was kind of lame. Ryan called in the middle to ask me if the bomb had hit yet? I said, “what the hell are you talking about?” as I paused the soap opera, so as not miss a moment….And I guess I should have expected Ryan’s conclusion to what the finale would be like, because he is a man, and doesn’t watch soaps….but he really thought that Proctor and Gamble would  have allowed a nuclear bomb to detonate in the town of Oakdale and the viewers would have had to watch each last one die! WTF?!? No seriously, that’s what I asked him. “What is wrong with you!?!” is more what I asked… And he replied, “What? Wouldn’t you want to know that they all died so you wouldn’t have to wonder what they are all doing now?” I am assuming he thinks I think these are real people….He’s a man.What can I say? I told him it was kind of lame, everyone was moving on with their lives, retiring, getting married, going away to school or a new job…and he sighed, “that is lame! I liked my idea better, don’t you?” Uh, no…Can’t say that I do…

And on a frustrating note, the list of shit Cameron has broken is growing…His chubby little feet tripped over my laptop cord, making it fall to the ground and thus killing it. This laptop has lasted 5 years, and with the chubby, clumsy foot of a 3 year old, is now dead. Mind you, I just bought a new computer for downstairs, which was not compatible with my work’s software, so now I have to go on a search for a laptop that can handle their operating system. Can you say fun? Shopping for a new laptop, with a chubby 3 year old, who clearly likes to destroy things. Yeah, fun as it may sound, I assure you it won’t be. What’s more disturbing is his afficiando for breaking only the expensive shit. From the time this kid could walk the list has grown….Let me tell you about it…

Digital camera, Theater room seats, including the handles to recline and the cupholders, Bose Home Theater, window coverings, wireless printer, at least 2 cell phones, marble from the marble-topped table that we have had for 8 years, my two lovely potted plants that I bought when we bought the house 5 years ago and  my only working  laptop. I know there is more,yet I can’t recall, so I must have blocked it out. Yet, this kid has toys from McDonald’s last year that still work perfectly. So buy cheap shit, you say…nope, I love my little luxories, while they work…Maybe he can break the tv in the man-cave?!? or the humidor full of Ryan’s beloved cigars? Nah, not even on a perfect day, because somehow Ryan has taught this little chubby terminator to respect those items.  This is what happens when you live with boys. Oh what would it be like to have a little baby girl, with a brown and pink room, filled with fur and chandiliers and fun girly stuff. How sweet and perfect does that sound? Uh, I can hear Ryan roaring, “NO!!!!” from here, so on that note, farewell!

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  1. Annie permalink
    September 21, 2010 10:51 AM

    OH MY GOD!!!!! Call me! We wanna talk to him!!!!!! The babies will be so excited 🙂

    Sorry about your soap – but really, Ryan’s bomb idea would have been pretty funny. hahahahaha

    Har – you sound so happy here … even when you’re talking about Cameron destroying everything in the house (that’s yours). I love that sarcastic edge in your voice when I can see your beautiful smile shining through from behind it. Perfect!

    Have an awesome day!
    Talk to you soon!
    xoxoxoxoxo ~ love you 🙂


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