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Paying it forward…

August 28, 2010

So a couple of people suggested I should volunteer or do something for someone else to change my course of bad luck, though secretly inside I am miffed by this, because I don’t think I have done anything to upset the universe…except for maybe pissing the neighbors off by letting Coco run to the pond, without a leash…So I paid it forward…I paid for the old ladies ice creams cones behind me in line at Braum’s, and paid for the guy’s double cheeseburger at McDonald’s. And I did get rewarded. I went to Target last night for some late night shopping and prescription filling, and when I went to pick up the meds, they said that Walgreens told them there wasn’t a refill on the pain meds. I argued that there was, and had them call again. Walgreens still said there was no refill, and I knew they were confusing the order from the dr. from the order from the dentist. So, instead of explaining and looking like a prescription pill junkie, I told them thanks, and I would check into it. Once in the car, I called and left the pharmacist a message in a little stern voice, that basically said, I was on my way and was not happy about it, since it was out of my way (Lie), and I wanted to see the hard copy of the prescription when I got there (target told me to ask to see it).  I get there, and sure enough it was the wrong prescription and when I saw the pharmacist was an older lady, I silently cursed myself for leaving a message in a stern voice.  She apologized and gave me a $25.00 gift certificate to make up for it. I, of course, told her that was completely unnecessary, but she insisted.  So what I gave came back around.  But I still feel guilty for leaving the message…My arm is tons better! Except for it itches like a mutha! The top half is still raw and bleeding daily. I am pretty sure that area was as close to 3rd degree as it can get. The bottom half is healing nicely. Last night, I scratched til I bled from the top of my arm to the bottom. I couldn’t help it.  And today it burns and yet, I still just want to itch it all over. Ryan wanted to take me on a date tonight. how sweet is that? Dinner and a movie. My choice! But I think I am going to pass on the date for now, and make it a family night, dinner out with the kids, toy store shopping for the kids, and home to bed afterward! I feel like I am finally getting out my super bad ass mood, and getting back to me, and want to relish it with the kids, before the root canal/pap smear ruins it next week. Oh yes, I failed to mention that in my drug induced, stressed out, hurting state of mind, I made the appointments on the same day. So I have the arm check up and pap smear first thing in the morning, followed by a root canal immediately afterward. Can you say FUN?!?!?

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