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I see improvement!!!

August 23, 2010

I have become slightly obsessed with this burnt arm of mine. I don’t know why, but I still can’t get over 2 little slices of bacon doing this much damage. It is now day 9 and I think the arm is starting to show some major improvements…if you can get over the bleeding…I have mastered taking showers with one arm in the air and doing makeup (not so well) left-handed. The hair, well it’s either in a ponytail or pig-tails… I will say the pain pills are really starting to work. Today is Monday and calls started at 5 am but I jumped in the shower at 6:30 and was downstairs just as Maddy stepped out of the shower downstairs. Got him dressed and ready,un-bandaged the arm and cleaned the burn, and scraped off the dead skin around it, while Ryan waited outside with Maddy for the bus to show up. I finished just in time to watch Maddy board the bus and then Ryan finished dressing my arm with bandages. Now he is off to work, my calls are done for the morning, and it’s just me and Cameron…Cameron is still sleeping. Ah, the joy of silence. I absolutely love it! Off to see the dr again today for more scripts for cream. Check out the healing arm and the positive attitude, by the way… I caught up on all the magazines I got in the mail last week and am going to try a few new recipes tonight. Yes, that’s right, I am going to start cooking again. Gasp! No bacon, don’t fear! It is banned from the house. We had pizza last night, and take out the night before. No home cooking since mom left…so I am going to try the VP  Biden’s recipe for pasta tonight and grilled chicken…Ryan will do the grilling, and if all is good I will post the recipe to share! Today will be a Monday funday for sure…

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