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Winner, Winner, Chicken dinner?

August 20, 2010

No, I did not win the powerball…still not ruling it out though. Have won over $70.00 in scratchers though this week….but its gone towards more bandages on my arm…I haven’t blogged because I am not too good about faking happiness and positivity. I have been unbearable, bitchy, mean and tired and impatient.  The arm is looking gross and hurting more….sorry if the pics make u puke!

 I don’t have patience for the cross-dresser who came into my store yesterday. If you are going to dress like a woman and wear a strap-less, black and white polka dot dress and black high heels and even shave your legs, and wear the blue eyeshadow and red lipstick that goes way beyond the edges of your lips, then put a fucking wig on too. Don’t half ass it and wear all that shit and have your gray receding hairline and bald spot showing. No, I don’t have patience for that. First thought when he walked in was, what the hell?!?  Are u kidding me?!?!  And then I walked to the front of the store to see if anyone else saw him walk in….Then I referred him to another store in town…just to get him out of mine.

I don’t have patience for the nurse who unwrapped my bandages yesterday and told me she ate too much and is fearful she will have gas. Really? She said she was so glad she was off the next day because she wanted “to go home and take a laxative and clean out her system” and then said, “you know what I mean?”  I replied, “mmmhmm…” but wanted to tell her I didn’t give a shit about her shit, my arm hurts. On the way back to work, I was still fuming about her comments, and realized its been a week and a half for me, so maybe that was the universe’s way of telling me something…So I bought some laxatives with my pain meds as well.

Maddy started school on Wednesday! I didn’t go with him because I had to change my bandages but Ryan took him and Maddy couldn’t understandwhy there were so many kids crying in the classroom. When Ryan explained it was because they would miss their mommies, Maddy gave him a look like, “are u serious?” and started coloring. No seperation anxiety for my kid! When I picked him up that first day, I asked him what the best part of his day was and he said, “eating and napping!”  I said, “what? what about recess? what about the library, what about…” and he cut me off and said, “Mom! We had chicken fries and yellow french fries with red ketchup (we all know how maddy loves his ketchup), watermelon, chocolate milk and white milk and a cookie. I said, “that’s a lot of food Maddy!” and he said, “Yep and I ate it all up! And I took a nap, and even slept after the teacher turned the light on! She had to tickle me awake!”  First off, maddy never naps for me, how does the teacher get a whole classroom full of kids to do it? Secondly, what the hell, he ate so much, he went into a food coma and slept for 45 minutes and that was the best part of his day?!? The next day, he said school was boring and didn’t want to go back. So this morning, I bribed him by letting him ride the bus to school. Though I was and still am a ball of nerves at the idea of him on the bus….Hopefully, today, that won’t be his best part of his day!   



I have to apologize to Ryan…I have been so mean and impatient with him too. I know I am a horrible patient and I also know if it were the other way around, I wouldn’t let him be mean and cranky with me, like I am with him, so I am going to try to be a nicer, non-complaining wife…and when he calls and asks how I am doing, I won’t scream “My arm hurts!” because I think he gets the point…

Tomorrow my dad is coming to visit. I can already hear and feel his disgust at the thought of bacon grease being the culprit here. With him being Muslim, bacon grease is as repulsive as it comes…So that whole conversation will be about as much fun as my root canal I have scheduled for the 2nd….The only good thing about the root canal is my dentist looks like Bradley Cooper. So that makes me a little happy…

The arm is healing, but  it’s taking forever. And according to the Dr. yesterday, we are looking at weeks of this. I have no earthly clue what I would have done if it wasn’t for my mom here all week, changing my bandages, cooking, taking care of the boys, cleaning….etc. I am going to have to start stepping up and handling things because she is leaving tomorrow.  I have been semi productive though. I went and did a little shopping and redid the fireplace in the living room. And yes, when Ryan asked, “Don’t you think we have spent enough on your 3 different dentist trips ($310.00 for them to tell me that they can’t pull it and yes, its abscessed)  and your $300.00 in bandages this week”, I quickly bit his head off and told him, “”yes we spent enough and guess what, I just spent more”. I told you, it’s not pretty…

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