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My Little Runaway….

August 18, 2010

So just when u think it can’t get worse, that my heart can’t take another fucking thing…it happens. Its like ordained from above, it can always get worse, so be grateful for now, regardless of burned, fleshy, pig-pink arm, rotting aching tooth, lack of sleep, chronic earache, etc…. & I’ll tell you why, my nosy reader.

So you know that just earlier today, Tuesday, I slept all of 2 hours. Up at 3, in major pain til 7. Dozed a little at 7 while Ryan prettied himself up for work. Then awake at 8 to transfer calls and notes back. Got my great friend, Danielle, to watch the store for me, so I could try to get some sleep and get into a dentist today, yes another one. I get into the one Ryan went to 3 months ago for a root canal because I figure if he can get a root canal, he can fix my tooth. They say for me to come in at 2 . That means I have to get up , run to Walgreens, get more bandages and tape, go by the store and open it for Danielle, give her a quick tutorial, come home, sleep for 2 hours and then back up to pick up x-rays at the dentist I saw the other day, and then off to the new dentist. I know, exhausting right?  Do I deserve a medal? I think so…Do I deserve something special, I think we all know so…I digress…Anyway, I return home with my sack of $50.00 bandages and have my mom re-wrap my burns. I will tell you these burn bandages are quite expensive. We have already spent over $200.00 on wraps and bandages and tape…That’s not including the  medicine….So, I tell her, I am off to bed, and locking my door. I make sure the front and back and kitchen doors are locked and go to bed. I sleep soundly for an hour, when I hear the alarm on the back door go off.  I hear Maddox scream, “Cameron!”, and I think , “aww, Maddy is defending my sleep!” A few moments later, I hear the alarm go off again, and this time my mom yells , “Cameron!” and I think, “turn the alarm off…” Moments later, I hear Maddy pounding on my door that Cameron is missing and they can’t find him anywhere, and I am off the bed in 2 sec flat. I run downstairs and my mom is out the front door and I ask her if the door was unlocked and she said yes, and i tell her that Cameron has escaped, because I made sure the front door was locked before I went to bed. I run outside in my house dress that shows way too much boobs and way too much ass if I bend over. I run to Ann’s house because that’s where Cameron always goes, and he isn’t there. My mom screams she has already been there and is going to drive around the neighborhood. So I run to jane’s house, two houses down. I scream at my mom to check across the street behind the houses, because Brenda has a pool, and please god , let it be locked. It’s pouring rain by the way. So Maddy and I run back into the house and check all the closets while my mom is driving around. I am screaming Cameron’s name like a banshee, and Maddy keeps asking if a stranger took him. I silently am happy Maddy realizes at this second what stranger danger really is. I yell for Maddy to grab my cell phone and I run in the backyard and check the sandbox and playhouse. I see two men down the road standing on the porch, so I keep screaming Cameron, thinking they will start looking too. Then I think, maybe they see him, So I take off running towards the front door and Maddy is holding my phone and when I open the door, I see my mom and two cop cars and I freeze. 

This is the moment where I totally think I am going to have a nervous breakdown.

And then I see a cop walking towards me holding Cameron. I had already been bawling but at this point, I  just freeze. I think, I am in trouble…I think I am going to kill and hug Cameron to death. My heart is pounding at an alarming rate and I think, this is it, I am going to stoke out for real. The cops say that the house around the corner watched Cameron go from house to house ringing the doorbell and then called them. I notice the cop next to me is the same cop who pulled me over a month ago for running two stop signs in the neighborhood and not using my blinker and speeding. How I got out of that (boobs), I don’t know. But I notice him just staring at me and I panic thinking all these thoughts at once….

1. Is he trying to remember how he knows my name. Because at this point I have to give them my name, Cameron’s name, our birthdays and all that info.

2. Did he remember that he pulled me over and what my excuse was? My excuse was I was applying lip gloss because I was late for work and thought I had stopped at the stop sign and was pretty sure I had used my blinker and was pretty sure i was going the speed limit. Hey, it worked.

3. Could he tell I was asleep? Did I have wrinkle marks on my face from the pillowcase and heating pad?

4. Were my boobs hanging out of my dress?

5, Was he looking at my bandaged arm and the sling I threw on the floor when I ran outside, and thinking I was an abused wife?

6. Did my house seem clean enough that I didn’t look like an unfit parent.

At that moment the other cop tells me that he isn’t going to turn me in, that this happens quite often and then suggests somethings for us to do to prevent it from happening again. And then I got the lecture that we should have called them the moment we realized Cameron was gone. After they left, I hugged Cameron and bawled. Maddy started bawling and told Cameron we were a family and how I was his mom and a great mom and why did he want another family, and how we thought strangers took him, and how scared we were, and he shouldn’t do that ever again. It was heartbreaking. Cameron seemed scared, sad, relieved and happy to be held but looked like he was going to cry at any moment. Then Maddy continued to lecture Cameron some more. Needless to say, I couldn’t go back to bed. So when I ask, how much worse can it get, the universe answered and showed me. So my viewpoint is this and I say it with a constipated smile on my face….I am having a root canal next week. Great, that just means the pain will end in 8 long days. But that’s ok! And my arm is burning and itchy and achy, but that’s ok too, because hey, at least I still have my arm, right? At least the bacon grease didn’t fly up on my face and give me a similar burn on the other side. My point is, it could always be worse, so i am turning my frown upside for a day or so and am going to return to being the bubbly Bahar everyone knows. Ryan will be the first to say I am not bubbly, and I will not digress into my negativity….but I will say, the blogs will either be less bitchy or I will be on vacation for awhile…Its obvious the universe is watching and listening, so I think I am going to play the powerball this week…HINT HINT UNIVERSE…

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  1. Annie permalink
    August 18, 2010 7:45 PM

    Oh Bahar. I just want to come get you a tuck you in my bed for a month. I am telling you, if it weren’t for Karen Rutledge, the cops would have been at my house all the time for Runaway Bradley. Get one of those hotel flip lock things and put them on all the doors so he can’t open them up high. Maybe that will slow him down for a while.

    Love you love you love you.
    Hang in there and know I’m sending you all I got!


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