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August 17, 2010

Whats new. I am so sick of blogging about this bad luck/pain/woe is me life of mine. what the hell is going on? I eat a brownie last night and guess what, the toothache from hell rages forward and takes over the whole night. I go to bed at midnight and tell Ryan for the hundredth time to get Cameron out of our bed. Once he does, and comes back to bed, I notice a huge moth flying around my head. I immediately freak, because moths are from the butterfly family and hell no, I am not in the mood for a moth attack tonight. I tell Ryan my mouth is at a level 10 pain and I NEED HIM TO KILL THE MOTH NOW! and he does. And he immediately goes back to bed. I try to get him to wake up and talk to me or let’s be honest, listen to me bitch about my aches and pains but I hear his snores instead. So I blog…

3 am I wake up with again, a phone call from work…And I hear this rush in my ear and yes, stupid me, just waking up, thinks it’s a moth.  I start swatting at my hair like a mad woman. Then I hear the rush again, and I think its in my ear, so I stand to scream and when I stand, I hear a barrage of pops going off and realize my ear is now infected, which means the ear drum will burst, because that’s what always happens. So now I am pissed that I will now be burned, deaf in one ear, and have a hole in my mouth because I want to look for the pliers. I grab a hot wash cloth, and go back to bed and try to wake the hubs up but he is out, and won’t wake up. Don’t ask me why but this just enrages me, so I leave him and go downstairs to lay on the couch with my heating pad and stay down there til 5, when I jump in the shower so I can be ready by 8, because surely the dentist will hear the agony in my voice and get me right in. Nope…My appointment is at 2 pm, and I am just going to tell them to pull it. I don’t care anymore, I am done. DONE!

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