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Ewwwww…..Ouch!!! and WTF?!?!?!

August 17, 2010

Ok again, I ask, just once. Just once this month, give me a break. Give me a tiny break, but give it to me, dammit. So I wake up at 4 am with a phone call from work, and realize that my arm is soaked from the blisters popping. So I wake Ryan up and we go downstairs to change the bandages.  Back to sleep and back up at 6:30 with calls. I notice my horrible toothache is not hurting, but my arm is throbbing. So I take a pain pill and wonder if the dentist will call, and sure enough, at 8:15 she calls and says she can get me in at 10:15. I think , great, I will sleep for 45 minutes and be good to go. Wrong, Maddy then wakes up and is talking a mile a minute. Then my mom comes in and I show her the arm. And the next thing I know, its time to shower and go! I get to the dentists office at 10:17 am, which is good in Bahar’s world. That is practically on time for me. And guess what…the tooth isn’t hurting. Now don’t get me wrong, I totally believe in miracles and you better believe I was praying last night that I wouldn’t have my whole bottom row of teeth removed. I was praying that there was no cavities, no tooth removal, no abscess, no root canal. And guess what, the x-ray showed none of those things. I should be happy, right? Relieved? No, instead I think, I am losing it. I am crazy. I just used a whole tube of oragel and for what? Nothing? Did I imagine the pain? No, she tells me. She thinks I am a grinder or a clencher. Or and this is a big “OR” I have an abscess beginning under the crown but its not evident on the x-ray yet. So she sends me home with a script for antibiotics and I pick up a mouthguard and all day long I try to watch what I do with my mouth. And guess what…I was clenching standing in line at walmart. I was clenching waiting for the prescription to be filled. I was clenching while driving home. And then the pain came back. I don’t know. WTF? Do I not know how to relax…Am I like my friend’s hubby, Taylor, who clenches his toes at all times? Am I that uptight? I beg to differ. I think I am pretty laidback, as long as things go my way….I think I am pretty fun, as long as I am the one who knows whats going on…oh yeah, I have just self discovered that I am an uptight, mouth clenching, control freak….big sigh…and i mean big sigh…nope still not relaxed….my arm actually hurt today. Is it because my mom was here to take care of me and I let my guard down? I don’t know, I just know I felt pain in my arm for the first time since the accident happened. And when I say pain, I mean pain. It hurt to move my arm, it hurt to change the bandages 5 times, it hurt to smear the cream on, it just hurt. Most of the blisters have burst now. There are just a couple left. They are oozing, and the skin is that gross pig pink…and it hurts to have the air hit it, much less the cream and bandages. Man, things have to change…and soon….

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