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You mean its not all about me????

July 15, 2010

So I have a new blog and its all about me! Sad I don’t have the original bitchy blog website anymore, but just glad to be able to vent away…so my 35th birthday is in 4 days! I’m not excited about being thirtyf***ing five, but guess what, I’m going to be thirtyf***ingfive….So for my birthday, I want to do everything, eat everything, drink everything, but then I also want to spend a day where I don’t do a thing! Where I can spend hours in a bookstore and end up at Panera, reading the book I bought at the bookstore, all the while, having Ryan look completely thrilled to just be sitting there with me…i know, fairytale… we’ll see what happens this weekend…maybe there will be pics! SHOCKER! I know!

I’ll tell you what’s not all about me…My dear friend, neighbor, confidante, partner in crime, spy, nancy grace lover, and horror movie hater ann is leaving and moving…I cannot even tell you how sad this makes me. Her and her five kids, yes, five, and her Rob and her dog, Gracie, which made me want a Lab til we actually got one, are all packing and leaving in less than 2 weeks…Who will I go to when I need sugar, or tequila, or chocolate??? Who will make me the best chocolate chip cookies in the world and have them all packaged nice and pretty with a ribbon on it? Who will call Mediacom for me when I am laying on the floor stroking out because the internet is out again for the 100th time that month? Who will let me borrow their power tools at 11 pm when I get in a mood to redecorate? SIGH….I dont know what or how I am going to cope…probably lots of eating…but I made a poem for my dear friend, Ann. Now I just have to throw the party of all parties and invite only the fun people, because if we all are sitting around bawling it won’t be much of a fun party…


I think that I shall never see

A friend, a neighbor, a mother lovelier than thee.


A friend who bakes the best cookies, cakes and pies,

And bakes me more when I complain about my size!


A neighbor who has every tool under the sun,

And I have used just about every last one!

A mother who is as perfect as can be,

A mother I look up to and want to be.


You see, my friend, I have watched your kids grow

And Kayla is basically the only sitter my kids know!


Bradley and Steven are growing like weeds,

And Cameron and “Andy” are what my kids need.


I so wanted to see our kids grow to be

The handsome, the beautiful, the best of you and me!


I am so sad to hear that we must part ways,

I cry each time I think of you leaving in days.

I will miss your laugh, your accent, your threats to go ya ya,

I will miss your sweet kids, their faces and their laughter.

I will miss your home, your kitchen, your wit, your wisdom.

I will miss your Gracie, your Rob and your faith in every religion.


I will miss your political rants and even your love for Peyton,

Just know I’ll always be here, sitting and waitin….


For you to call or to blog or to email me the latest news,

And I will try my best not to sing you the blues.

Because, you see,  this much I know to be true,          

I’ll never love a neighbor as much I love you!

3 Comments leave one →
  1. July 16, 2010 3:42 AM

    Oh, there you go. Feed the monster.


  2. July 16, 2010 8:08 AM

    Har loves me. Har loves me. I love Har, too! I love Har, too!


  3. July 16, 2010 12:12 PM

    But she’s such a lovely monster…


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